Friday, March 1, 2024

Animo Labs to market FilPass blockchain-based tamper-proofing tech

Animo Labs Technology Business Incubator and FilPass TamperProof Tech Inc. have signed a memorandum of agreement to market the blockchain technology of FilPass for tamper-proofing documents such as diplomas, transcript of records, vaccination cards, business permits, etc.

The MoA was signed by Br. Raymundo B. Suplido, president of DLSU Animo Labs Foundation; Gaze Del Castillo and Ryan Soh, president and chief strategy officer, respectively, of FilPass TamperProof Tech Inc.

The focus of the partnership is to convert La Salle institutions and other clients of Animo Labs into issuing authorities so that they can issue tamper proof diplomas, transcript of records, and other documents like certificates and credentials.

The partnership is the fruit of Plug And Play Tech Center’s acceleration program.

The issued documents will be stored in blockchain, converting the documents into a tamper proof, non-repudiable record. The digital copy of the document will be affixed with a QR code and the corresponding blockchain details.

Using a smartphone, anyone can verify the authenticity of the document by scanning the QR code. The blockchain record of the document is fetched, decrypted, and displayed on the smartphone allowing the convenient comparison of the digital version and the tamper proof record for verification of the document’s authenticity.

“The partnership with FilPass is in line with the objectives of Animo Labs to push for innovative platforms to benefit not only the academic community but the business community as well,” Suplido said in his opening remarks during the signing ceremony.

Kasilag said “FilPass would want to create a network of issuing authorities in the country, especially in the education sector so that there is an increased trust among educational institutions as falsified documents will be a thing of the past.”

FilPass seems on its way to achieving this objective as it added Animo Labs to its current list of education clients, which include PHINMA Education System and AMA Education System.


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