Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Lenovo creates sub-brand for PC accessories for remote work

Consumer PC giant Lenovo recently announced a new sub-brand that will offer remote workers and teleconferencing organizations with a variety of PC accessories designed to address the common productivity pain points brought by the new workplace norm.


Under the “Lenovo Go” product portfolio, input, power, and audio accessories will be made available to improve the remote work experience.

All Lenovo Go products are designed to bring the workspace from virtually anywhere, that is why these products highlight connectivity functions and features built for outdoor use – from Active Noise Cancelling, wireless connections, interoperability with various VoIP tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and compact form factors.

“Research shows that 20 percent of small business employees surveyed lack the tech tools to successfully work remotely. We know from further insights that having the right technology is critical to improving knowledge workers’ productivity and collaboration with data security and privacy, especially in today’s remote and hybrid work environment,” said Eric Yu, senior vice president of Lenovo’s global SMB, visuals and accessories, intelligent devices group.

He also added that these user insights are what inspired the brand’s vision for the new Lenovo Go line of accessories in empowering the employee experience through smarter accessories that enable people to thrive in a work-from-anywhere model.

Based on Lenovo’s commissioned study titled “Future of Work and Digital Transformation”, 83 percent of businesses are expecting to work remote at least half the time while 60 percent of employees agree with this notion. To help its customers adopt remote working policies, the brand is focusing on providing technology that enables effective collaboration, boosts individual performance and productivity, and maximizes engagement and motivation.

Some of the new Lenovo Go devices that are soon to hit the shelves include the Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse which was announced last April and is suited for multitasking users who are frequently switching between devices, and the Power-by-Contact (PbC) Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit for employees constantly moving between home offices and on-site workspaces.

Aside from the two, Lenovo also announced future additions to the portfolio. These include a wireless vertical mouse, a wireless split keyboard, a wireless numeric keypad, a USB type-C laptop power bank, a wired speakerphone, ANC in-ear headphones and headsets, and an accessory organizer.


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