Monday, May 27, 2024

Nanoleaf launches Elements and Shapes lighting décor series

Smart LED panel maker Nanoleaf has finally brought its modular smart panel product portfolio locally, initially offering its Elements and Shapes lines built for interior design and RGB gaming lighting systems respectively.

Nanoleaf elements shapes PH

The two product lines will be able to produce a textured finish on top of customizable lighting, as well as give users the option to adjust color temperature depending on the ideal ambiance of the room.

The geometric panels also come with color and ambiance presets called Scenes that can imitate the cracking of a fireplace or flowing of a waterfall. When switched off via tap controls or the official Nanoleaf mobile application, the wood look hexagons can also double as wall art. Both series also recognize voice commands and are compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.

With the built-in Rhythm Music Visualizer, the lighting can also be programmed to sync with the user’s selected playlist and reacts to the audio by creating and flashing upbeat audiovisual displays. The panels are installed by peeling the adhesive tape at the back of each one and sticking them to the wall.

The Elements starter kit includes seven wood look hexagons and mounting plates, eight pieces of double-sided adhesive mounting tape and linkers for connecting the panels and the controller, a 100 VAC – 240 VAC power supply, and a quick start guide. It is currently priced at ₱14,290 and its expansion pack with an additional three panels cost ₱4,990.

Meanwhile, each Shapes starter kit selling for ₱10,431 comes with nine light panels, mounting plates, linkers for connecting the panels, double-sided adhesive mounting tape, a controller, a power supply unit, and a quick start guide. It is available in three variants – Hexagons, Triangles, and Mini Triangles.

Aside from the smart LED wall panels, Nanoleaf is also offering other lighting solutions that can be spotted at its official Shopee and Lazada stores. These products include the Nanoleaf Essentials Smart A19 Bulb and the Nanoleaf Essentials 1M Light Strip Expansion both priced at ₱1,161, and the Nanoleaf Remote White Accessory with a ₱1,530 price tag.


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