Thursday, February 29, 2024

Telemedecine doc says tech made diagnosis easier, more accurate

Technology has made a huge impact in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases in the current times, according to a top executive of a telemedicine platform. 

MedCheck founder and CEO Amiel Herrera

“It has become critical now more than ever in medicine and diagnostics. The newest innovations in diagnostics have allowed us to more precisely identify tumors, viruses, diseases down to its molecular level,” MedCheck founder and CEO Amiel Herrera told Newsbytes.PH in an email interview. 

After gathering all the information from the diagnostics, and organizing it according to profiles of the diseases and patients, Herrera said MedCheck can now create a database that can serve us a guide for future treatment of future patients. 

“Technology allows us to learn more precisely about diseases, and diagnose and treat patients with much more accuracy,” Herrera pointed out.

Herrera was one of the panel reactors in the “Tita Hope Talks” as part of MSD Philippines’ multi stakeholder advocacy campaign on cancer diagnosis and treatment.

With the diagnostic technology and real-world information and data readily available today, Herrera said physicians essentially don’t have to go on a “trial-and-error” basis, relying on “clinical intuition” in what they learned in medical school and perhaps outdated studies or studies not exactly applicable to the same patient profile and situation. 

When it comes to treating potentially terminal diseases, Herrera emphasized that patients cannot afford to rely on “trial-and-error”. 

In order for the medical community to make the most informed decisions possible about patient care, Herrera said the medical community must be able to collect and have readily available as much scientific data about the individual patient and his/her medical profile and history, and the specific disease.

“With the technology available, doctors are able to perform these functions,” he said.

Despite the havoc and tragedies caused by the pandemic, Herrera remains optimistic as it also provides an opportunity for all tech and digital providers to help society as a whole. 

He pointed out that the medical sector rose to the challenge and added several new telemed and e-consult features in order to help continuity of care between physicians and patients. 

“Although our core business focuses on treatment and research in cancer, diabetes, and other non-communicable diseases, we expanded into Covid-19, respiratory, and infectious diseases due to the opportunity to help and contribute directly to the biggest problems we face today,” he explained. 

Herrera said forming a partnership with the Department of Health on its telemedicine initiatives and collaboration with other government agencies are going to be opportunities for growth in MedCheck.


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