Monday, June 24, 2024

New Batman mobile game features augmented reality tech

With the majority of learning institutions leveraging on online platforms to face the mobility restrictions brought by the pandemic lockdowns, comics book company DC recently launched its technology-based learning mobile app to cater to younger audiences.

DC Batman game

The “DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition” is essentially a one-stop hub for exclusive Batman content, digital comic books, mini games, AR filters, and videos.

Available for free download on both iOS and Android devices via App Store and Google Play store, the app supports 13 different languages and is in line with DC’s “Batman Month” campaign in September, and the upcoming DC Fandome event happening on October 16.

DC Batman game

In the app, users will be joining Batman’s crime-fighting team “Knightwatch” by experiencing the world of Gotham and exploring the hero’s wide array of gizmos and gadgets. To engage kids and provide a more immersive experience, the app will use augmented reality to explain the mechanisms behind the crimefighting technology used by Batman against villains like the Joker, Mr. Freeze, and the Riddler among others.

Augmented reality will also be used for entertainment features in-app like face filters and stickers. Meanwhile, kids can also drive the Batmobile, practice throwing Batarangs, or help Batman overcome obstacles with his Grapnel launcher in the mini games spotted in the app.

Some of the upcoming features of the DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition mobile app is interconnectivity with the DCKids’ YouTube channel for the newest video series “Batman Science Lab” that revolves around the real-world applications of Batman’s technology.


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