Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Cabal dangles P2-million prize pool for national tourney

Participants of Cabal Mobile: Heroes of Nevareth’s mobile MMORPG tournament “Nevareth League 2021” has officially entered the first phase of the competition called Guild Rank Infinity – the stage where rank four or higher guilds battle it out in 1V1, Three-Man tag team, and 5V5 game formats to produce a single victor.

Cabal Mobile Nevareth League 2021

Following the “guild-centric” level will be the District Wars, putting the spotlight on the different communities from each server. A total of four guilds per server will be given the chance to participate, and the concluding matches will be naming a single District Winner from the Philippines and Vietnam. 

Finally, the last guild to be chosen for Grand Finals will be sourced from the Guild Mission Festival wild card stage. Guilds that are able to rank the highest in leaderboards for accomplishing Guild Mission events in-game will be allowed to advance.

The culmination of these three stages will be at the Grand Finals, where all qualifying guilds will be pitted against each other to reveal a sole victor per server. All three server representatives will then fight for the Nevareth League 2021 Champion title and one million pesos in cash, plus in-game items.

To enter, each participant must have five to eight members above level 170 hailing from the same guild which is at least level 4, and a maximum of three substitutes. Doubling up on any of the eight available classes is also not allowed. There must only be a single melee-focused Warrior, dual-wielding Blader, element-based Wizard, defense specialist Force Shielder, long-range damager Force Archer, complex but powerful Force Blader, rage-fueled Gladiator, and fast-shooting Force Gunner for each team.


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