Thursday, February 22, 2024

Lazada bringing ‘Paskong Pinoy’ to shoppers with 12.12 Christmas sale

Online shopping site Lazada is giving life to the culture, tradition, and the very soul of Filipino Christmas with its 12.12 Grand Christmas Sale.

Happening on December 12 to 14, this year’s grandest holiday shopping festival showcases the merriest deals with Lazada Bonus vouchers offering P60 off for every P600 spend, and products offering cashback of 10% of the purchase amount which will be added automatically to your Lazada Wallet upon item delivery.

“What makes Paskong Pinoy different? We Filipinos always choose to celebrate the gift of family, thanksgiving and paying forward in a culture of resilience. And as the go-to platform of Filipinos, Lazada upholds the heart of gift-giving by empowering our shoppers to interact and connect more with their loved ones, helping bring everyone together and spreading love in the most generous way,” said Lazada Philippines chief marketing officer Neil Trinidad.

Lazada Gift Card

Starting December 3, Lazada users can send a gift card directly to their loved ones. All they have to do is simply tap on ‘Lazada Gift Card’ icon on the app or search for ‘Lazada Gift Card’ on the search bar of the Lazada app and choose an amount ranging from P100 up to P5000, enter the mobile number, email address, as well as the name of recipient, customize and input your message, and finally click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to proceed to checkout. Recipients will be notified of the gift card you sent via SMS or email.

Upon activation of Lazada Wallet, gift card recipients can redeem the amount with the voucher codes they receive, and use it across over 85 million products available on the platform. For P500 and below, gift cards are valid up to a year. Gift cards with a value of P1000 and above have no expiry.


Lazada also champions accessible and convenient donating campaigns for both ka-Lazada donors and partner organizations such as Spring Rain Global, Virlanie Foundation, UNICEF, Save the Children Foundation, World Vision, UNCHR, Caritas Manila, ABS-CBN Foundation and GMA Foundation.

How to access direct donations to LazadaForGood through the platform? Click on this link to access the page:. You can also access this via desktop, simply open the Lazada website, click ‘Load & eStore’, once the page opens, click on the ‘LazadaForGood’ icon, and select an advocacy partner of choice and ‘Add to cart’ to donate. While on mobile, simply launch the Lazada app, click on ‘Load, Bills, and Coupon’, tap on the ‘LazadaForGood’ icon, and select an advocacy partner of choice and ‘Add to cart’ to donate.

Proceeds of all donations will help supply different forms of support for these organizations. Lazada does not benefit from any of the remittances made on the LazadaforGood Platform.

Lazada Loans

Managing your holiday budget for various holiday events can be tricky. Have your purchases on installment through Lazada Loans. Lazada’s trusted loan providers such as TendoPay will be offering 0% interest on purchases from December 5 to 15, Plentina to offer the same from December 10 to 14, while Billease and Cashalo to offer 0% interest on purchases until the end of the year.

Ahead of 12.12, customers can apply for monthly installment plans from these financing partners allowing holiday shoppers to bag the best shopping deals and pay later, with no interest.


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