Sunday, May 26, 2024

CES 2022 | Asus ROG revamps Citadel XV, unveils new gears across the board

Asus gaming sub-brand Republic of Gamers (ROG) unveiled a slew of new products for its extensive lineup of gaming devices, as well as expansions for the ROG Citadel XV single-player free-to-play FPS game it developed to showcase ROG laptops.


Some of the new additions include gaming laptops with the latest processors, a gaming tablet, headsets, keyboards, a mouse, monitors, a router, and bags.

For 2022, Asus ROG is claiming several firsts amid the introduction of its newest lineup. Building on its reputation as a router brand, the ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 is considered as the first quad-band AXE16000 WiFi 6E gaming router globally. In the display department, ROG claims it is the first to bring 1440p resolution to a 360Hz monitor called ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN, and micro-texture coating to Oled panels – ROG Swift OLED PG42UQ and PG48UQ.

For its gaming laptop roster, ROG will be incorporating Windows 11 out of the box, the latest AMD and Intel chips, GPUs from AMD or Nvidia, MUX switch for optimizing discrete GPU performance, ROG Intelligent Cooling thermal design, Liquid Metal Conductonaut Extreme for flagship models. They include the ROG Zephyrus Duo 16, ROG Zephyrus G14, ROG Strix Scar and ROG Strix G gaming laptops.

In collaboration with Aim Lab FPS training solution, ROG is also bringing an entirely new storyline, new characters, enhanced graphics, and new mini games for the CES 2022 version of ROG Citadel XV. Compared to the previous version, the new map is 18 times bigger and will include Easter eggs.  

When it comes to ROG audio devices, the ROG Fusion II 500 gaming headset features Quad DAC technology, virtual 7.1 surround sound, 50mm ASUS Essence drivers, AI Beamforming microphones with AI noise cancelation, Game Chat volume control, and USB-C and USB Type-A connectors. Meanwhile, the Fusion II 300 is identical to the ROG Fusion II 500 save for the lack of a 3.5 mm connector and volume control.

ROG also launched the ROG Strix Flare Animate II gaming keyboard that features the AniMe Matrix LED display and a built-in light diffuser, the Strix Flare II gaming keyboard equipped with ROG NX mechanical switches, the ROG Chakram X gaming mouse with its own optical sensor and concave joystick, and the ROG Flow Z13 gaming tablet with 4K display and external GPU support.


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