Wednesday, May 29, 2024

AboitizPower migrates IT infrastructure to the cloud

AboitizPower distribution utilities, which serve around one million customers nationwide, said it has migrated its enterprise and legacy systems from on-premise servers to the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Due to the increasing dependence of our business on IT systems, there is now a greater need to ensure that AboitizPower is equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to our customer’s needs,” said Lemuel Quilos, AboitizPower vice president for IT.

The power firm said its digitalization initiative improved its performance in batch processing, extraction and generation of operational and analytical reports, and resiliency during unplanned system outages.

“AboitizPower embraces innovation as a key enabler to the growth and success of our businesses. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to maximize the latest technologies and digital trends to enhance our operations and customer service,” said Anton Mari G. Perdices, chief operating officer of the AboitizPower Distribution Group.

Quilos added that fully migrated and optimized systems will reduce the processing time for most vital back-end processes like bill extraction and payment posting by up to 50%. This, it said, leads to the prompt servicing of customers and further streamlining of the MobileAP — a mobile app launched by AboitizPower in 2020, which lets its users check current and previous bills, see power consumption charts, and manage multiple accounts.

As of February 15, 2022, the cloud migration project is at 91% completion with Balamban and Lima EnerZones in Cebu and Batangas having completed their migration activities. The two units are the last ones among the AboitizPower distribution utilities including Visayan Electric, Davao Light, Cotabato Light, and the Subic and Mactan EnerZones to go live.

Enterprise systems including Asset Management, GIS/mapping, and other legacy systems are scheduled to move up to the cloud soon, following the migration of all customer service-related applications and the project is set to conclude by April of 2022.

To ensure the swift and careful migration of data to the cloud, most of the project activities were performed by internal resources in collaboration with AWS and the AWS ProServe Team. The joint efforts of the IT and operations teams are also instrumental in completing the project at the soonest possible time.

“This project has helped AboitizPower be in the forefront of IT innovation in the Philippine power sector, through the adoption of cloud computing capabilities,” Quilos said.

The move to cloud computing is part of the company’s digital transformation journey under AboitizPower’s Digital Transformation Strategy or DigitaLeap program. Through DigitaLeap, AboitizPower is able to integrate technological advances across all its business units with a long-term outlook for technology management and consolidation of technology direction on data.


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