Thursday, February 29, 2024

Caintic meets with incoming DICT chief Uy for transition planning

Ivan John E. Uy, the incoming chief of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), met with acting secretary Manny Caintic to discuss the country’s digital agenda plans and programs during the transition planning meeting held on Wednesday, June 8.

DICT acting secretary Manny Caintic (left) with incoming secretary Ivan John Uy

“We look forward to Incoming Secretary Uy’s leadership and are now starting to work with him to ensure the smooth transitioning of the Department’s programs, projects, and initiatives as we prepare to hand over to the next set of ICT leaders. We share the same goal of continuing the advancement of digital transformation for the Filipino people,” Caintic said.

Caintic, along with other current officials, has prepared the transition report for submission to the Office of the President as well as to the incoming administration.

The transition report includes highlights of the DICT’s program accomplishments, proposed legislative agenda, the status of current projects, and other organizational plans such as budget and human capital and resources.

“As I step down from my duties as the Acting Secretary, I am confident that the DICT and the country will benefit greatly from the effective leadership of Secretary Uy, as he continues the Department’s legacy of quality public service through ICT.  We will be working closely with the next administration for the sustainable progress of our national ICT agenda,” Caintic added.


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