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6 new LG monitors designed for gamers and content creators

LG Philippines recently showcased its new lineup of monitors which were introduced by some of the country’s well-known influencers, gamers, and content creators. During on-ground launch donning the theme of Tom Cruise’s latest action film Top Gun, the company also donated 30 monitor units to the Naval Air Wing of the Philippine Navy.

The donated LG UltraGear 32GN500 monitors are planned to be used for the Navy’s Operating Squadron Offices and Flight Briefing Stations, Command and Control Center, Operations Center, Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance, Airborne ISR and Humanitarian and Disaster Response missions.

1. LG UltraGear 32GQ950

This 32-inch Nano IPS display from LG’s UltraGear series, the brand’s top-of-the-line gaming monitors that deliver better performance and motion handling than conventional models. The high UHD 4K resolution is paired with a 144Hz screen refresh rate that can be boosted to 160Hz and is fully compatible with either Nvidia’s G-Sync or AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro technology.

Its borderless design allows for more immersive gameplay. The height is adjustable, and the screen can pivot vertically for portrait orientation. Depending on how gamers will be using the screen, they can actually select among three dedicated graphical user interfaces – Gamer, FPS, and RTS.

This model also features 2 HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, USB Downstream and Upstream, and a headphone out. Although it doesn’t have a speaker, it does have an RGB LED lighting, a reader mode, a black stabilizer, an FPS counter, and a wall mount out of the box.

The LG UltraGear 32GQ950 has an international price of $1,299.99 (~P72,679.19).

2. LG UltraGear 48GQ900

The pricier UltraGear provides gamers with a larger 48-inch screen, an extra HDMI port, and speakers. However, unlike the 32GQ950, this model has less than half of its brightness, a lower refresh rate, and reduced resolution.

It does have an OLED screen, compared to the cheaper model’s IPS-type display, and is compatible with both G-Sync and FreeSync Premium. It features Hexagon lighting, refresh rate overclocking, and a response time of 0.1ms.

The LG UltraGear 48GQ900 retails for $1,499.99 (~P83,752.69).

3. LG DualUp 28MQ780

For multitaskers, the 28-inch LG DualUp monitor takes up less room for twice the screen real estate since it can swivel, acting like a double monitor by stacking two 16:9 aspect ratio screens. The star of the show is the monitor’s Ergo Stand which can be tilted, adjusted for height, swiveled, pivoted, extended, and retracted thanks to the C-clamp that accommodates various display positions.

When it comes to the display quality, it can use HDR via its SDQHD Nano IPS panel while the ambient light sensor similar to the ones found in most smartphones nowadays, makes auto-brightness mode possible.

Since it uses a USB-Type C port, it can connect to external devices for display or data sharing, as well as charging with its 90W power delivery capacity. Other ports include two HDMI, a DisplayPort, a headphone out, and USB Downstream and Upstream.

The LG DualUp 28MQ780 is priced at $699.99 (~P39,135.39).

4. LG UltraWide 29WP500

The new member of LG’s UltraView series of panoramic premium monitors is designed to elevate the experience of online classrooms and home offices, allowing users to open and view several windows and applications all at once akin to having dual monitors.

Aside from its wide field of view, it also features HDR10 display technology, 99% sRGB coverage, on-screen controls to customize display splitting, AMD FreeSync compatibility, reader mode and flicker safe, and a 5ms response time.

At LG’s flagship Lazada store, this productivity-boosting monitor is on a sale price of P13,089.00.

5. LG UltraFine 27UP850

This 27-inch business monitor from the UltraFine family of LG intends not just to capture the enterprise market with its easy setup and flexible workstation experience, but to also provide an immersive experience to entertainment and gaming users. The VESA DisplayHDR 400 technology, supported by 400 nits of brightness, transforms SDR content to HDR and takes advantage of Hardware Calibration through the LG Calibration Studio.

Its generous number of ports allows up to 96W power delivery, 4K display and data transfer, and even charging of external devices. The model also features 5ms response time, an anti-glare surface treatment, a 5W speaker, and a smart energy saving mode.

The LG UltraFine 27UP850 retails for $549.99 (~P30,789.27).

6. LG UltraFine 27UN880

Finally, the LG UltraFine 27UN880 represents the flexibility of the DualUp’s Ergo Stand with C-clamp and grommet, and the high-resolution screen of its series. The VESA display can  extend and retract, swivel, adjust height, pivot, and tilt. According to LG, this model takes up very little desk surface and is easy to install.

The LG UltraFine 27UN880 flexible business monitor is currently priced at $599.99 (~P33,597.34).


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