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IP filings in first 6 months of 2022 surpass pre-Covid level

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) reported Thursday, Aug. 4, that the number of intellectual property registration from January to June 2022 increased from last year and even exceeded the pre-pandemic level.

Photo from IPOPHL

Intellectual property filings in the first half of the year reached 23,410, higher by 1.6 percent in the same period last year at 23,048 filings. These include registration of patents, trademarks, utility models and industrial design.

First semester filings this year also surpassed intellectual property registration in the first half of 2019 at 22,968 filings. IPOPHL said 2019 is a record year for the agency in terms of intellectual property registration.

“The increase in the first half is reflective of the eased Covid-19 restrictions and reignited economic activities and IPOPHL’s amplified awareness and education initiatives,” IPOPHL director general Rowel Barba said in a statement.

Of the total intellectual property registration, bulk of the filings were trademark registration reaching 20,300 — 12,514 were filings from residents, while non-residents accounted for 7,786 filings.

Trademark registration for pharmaceutical, health, and cosmetic products had the highest number of filings in the January to June 2022 period at 6,145, followed by agricultural products and services at 5,403 filings, while scientific, information and communications technology at 4,697.

Registration for patents reached 1,949 applications, mainly driven by pharmaceuticals, organic chemistry, and biotechnology. On the other hand, utility model applications reached 622 and industrial design filings reached 539.

“With our ongoing and upcoming programs and projects to incentivize intellectual property creation, protection and commercialization, IPOPHL hopes to sustain momentum in inspiring Filipinos’ deeper appreciation of the benefits of intellectual property. We also hope to encourage more innovative and creative intellectual endeavors this year to help propel a resilient, inclusive and faster recovery of our economy,” Barba added. — Kris Crismundo (PNA)


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