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Study: Pinoy moms don’t read as much, spend more time on social media

When it comes to purchasing products online, Filipino mothers don’t do as much online research as other Southeast Asian (SEA) mothers, according to a recent regional survey by parenting website theAsianparent.

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The 2022 Digital Mum Survey of 3,104 mothers in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia found that SEA moms have warmed up to e-commerce, even for products that are not usually purchased online: some of the most popular shopping categories include home and furniture; baby products and essentials; cosmetics and personal care; and electronics and digital entertainment.

However, whereas mothers across the region read 3 or more articles, reviews, or price comparisons of products before they buy online, Filipino moms read an average of just 2.6 articles per person. They are far outpaced by Malaysians (3.6), Singaporeans (3.4), Thais and Indonesians (tied at 3.2).

Meanwhile, the survey also showed that mothers across SEA spend more time online during weekends using social media apps and online television. Filipino moms spend more time watching online TV (2.1 hours) than any of their SEA counterparts, and also clock an above-average 4.7 hours on social media.

According to the report, by and large, SEA moms use social media to interact with and learn from other parents, as well as to get parenting tips. Echoing anecdotal evidence from other sources, the study also indicates TikTok usage to be on the rise.

From a marketing perspective, the growth in Tiktok usership is seen to encourage moms to consume more short-form content across social media platforms, pressuring brands to adjust their promotional strategies. theAsianparent regional consumer insights analyst Jeremy Chang sees this as a good thing.

“This survey not only proves the adaptability of moms and their objective approach in making an online purchase, but also shows how online and in-store purchasing can work harmoniously in this ever-changing society we live in. With brands improving their e-commerce user interface and customer service experience, we are certain to see a much more dynamic consumer behavior especially for moms across SEA,” he concluded.


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