Friday, June 21, 2024

DOST chief wants ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ among scientists, engineers

DOST secretary Renato Solidum Jr. has vowed to prioritize and realign its operations to the government’s economic agenda over the next few months, particularly with regard to food security, transport and logistics, health, renewable energy, education, disaster risk reduction and climate change, and job creation.

A key element in this realignment, according to Solidum, is developing “an entrepreneurial mindset” among the country’s scientists, researchers, and engineers.

“I think it is beneficial for many of us if our scientists and engineers have an entrepreneurial mindset. While developing and providing us innovative solutions to our pressing concerns, they can assess already how the industry and consumers would accept their products and technologies,” he said in an interview with DOSTv’s DOST Report last August 19.

“We (DOST) need to ensure that all of our programs, projects and services have clear objectives and can really address the needs of specific sectors and stakeholders. And I believe, the first step to do that is we need to give attention to our human resources development efforts,” he added.

In addition to working closely with state universities and colleges and industries to identify the gaps in sectors and areas that could be bridged by R&D, improved messaging and narratives could also be of great assistance in helping the public understand and value the practical benefits of science, technology, and innovation in everyday life.


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