Monday, June 17, 2024

GCash shifts notifications from text to app inbox to avoid scam messages

Mobile wallet provider GCash said it is set to move confirmation messages from text message inbox to the app inbox in a bid to improve security as well provide customers with easier access to their transaction history.

A report from the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has suggested that the “personalized” spam text messages proliferating recently could be the handiwork of scammers who mined subscriber data from GCash and Viber.

“GCash has been relentless in protecting the funds and personal data of our customers. Migrating the transaction confirmation messages from text messages to the app inbox will help ensure users are only getting legitimate messages regarding their GCash transactions,” said Ingrid Rose Ann Beroña, chief risk officer of GCash.

“Aside from improving security, we hope this move makes the experience of GCash users more seamless and convenient as we strive to make their everyday lives better.”

The e-wallet has been sending out text advisories about the migration to its customers. The move to the app inbox begins in September starting with the transaction confirmation messages of the “Pay Bills” feature, followed by messages for the “Send Money” and “Buy Load” services. These will be accessible in the GCash app inbox and will also be shown on the “Activity” button which has the transaction history.

GCash said it has been ramping up efforts against fraudsters and scammers as it urges users to be extra vigilant when making transactions.


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