Friday, June 14, 2024

ViewQuest sees opportunity to improve enterprise networks in PH

Singaporean Internet service provider ViewQwest has formally introduced the rollout of its managed secure access service edge (SASE) and software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) services in the Philippines, specifically focusing on large enterprises with a geographically distributed workforce.  

ViewQwest CEO Vignesa Moorthy

Recognizing rising demand in bespoke enterprise network and security solutions, ViewQwest has included the Philippines in its regional campaign to address the unique needs of highly distributed enterprises which include network quality inconsistency, expensive bandwidth costs, complex data residency and data sovereignty requirements, and an evolving threat landscape.  

“We see a huge demand for network transformation services. Our objective and our intention is to collaborate with the local service providers because at the end of the day, the nature of the business that we are in is to help organizations that are geographically distributed,” ViewQwest CEO Vignesa Moorthy shared with a few members of the local media.  

In the Philippine context, the widespread enterprise adoption of cloud applications on top of the new hybrid workforce norm spurred the need for more modernized and capable network and security models, which according to Moorthy, is an area of market opportunity for managed SASE and SD-WAN solutions.  

A recently published study on industry analyst expectations for managed SASE and SD-WAN by international technology consortium MEF shows that service providers are expecting SD-WAN revenues to grow by more than 30% (SD-WAN) and 50% (SASE) by 2022.  

The same research also revealed that in the SD-WAN market, the leading challenge for service providers is the complexity of operating multi-vendor scenarios, while lack of industry standards is a major obstacle for SASE service providers.  

“We understand networks. We understand how to architect connectivity, how to derive the best unit economics when it comes to connectivity. Retail is driving so much change and connectivity is changing the way we do things so we need to be aware of that,” he commented.  

In a nutshell, ViewQwest takes on the end-to-end ownership and responsibility of managing subcontractors which covers the procurement of internet connectivity for each branch, implementing SD-WAN and SASE solutions, putting up mobile VPNs for the hybrid workforce, and several other processes all under one bill.  

“We leverage a lot of open-source monitoring systems that we use to facilitate the monitoring. All of these individual internet circuits that go into each location require real-time monitoring so that we can handle problem resolution before something goes wrong,” Moorthy explained.  

In the cybersecurity space, he also named Palo Alto as a trusted partner in building cost-effective and high-performance networking solutions. Alternately, ViewQwest was named by Palo Alto Networks as a Next Wave MSSP Innovator – a title given to the cybersecurity firm’s high-performing partners.  

“What we are looking for at the end of the day is an ability to augment our workforce as we deliver services in these countries. We are looking to establish partnerships with organizations in-country telecommunications infrastructure, and more importantly, boots on the ground,” he concluded.  


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