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Finalists for Lufthansa Technik PH startup contest bared

Twelve finalists from the Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) Startup Challenge presented their innovative ideas in the field of aviation in a hybrid pitch competition event last October 12 at Villamor Air Base.

VR demo of PCI Innovations Tech Center
Photo from LTP

The top four startups — Block Aero (Thailand), Evitado Technologies (Germany), Aiir Innovations (Netherlands), and Augmenteed (Singapore) — will be flown to LTP’s headquarters.

In all, over a hundred proposals were entered to the LTP Startup Challenge. The 12 selected startups were then invited to participate in a four-day training session last week, where they received venture-building help and access to subject-matter experts from Lufthansa Technik Philippines.

The twelve finalists are:

  • Augmenteed (Singapore) – a system for deploying mobile applications to field technicians for maintenance, inspection, and training that does not require any coding knowledge on the part of the user.
  • Xennial Digital (USA) – Created a VR-based corporate solution that facilitates the training of aviation technicians.
  • Evitado Technologies (Germany) – By automating and improving airside processes, Evitado reduces the potential for accidents, improves safety and productivity, and makes use of real-time data to further refine operations.
  • AppSteer (USA) – A cloud-native corporate digitalization platform that allows for quick adaptation to shifting market conditions and consumer expectations, resulting in a sustained competitive advantage.
  • DataMesh (Singapore) – DataMesh uses digital twin and augmented reality technology to digitally transform businesses.
  • Aiir Innovations (Netherlands) – Uses artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge digital tools to facilitate borescope inspections, allowing for more rapid and thorough checks.
  • Telepresenz (USA) – Offers enterprise wearables, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and augmented intelligence for digital transformation in the industrial sector.
  • Block Aero (Thailand) – has released a mainstream product for aircraft asset management that is powered by blockchain technology.
  • HACARUS (Japan) – Offers AI-based services to a variety of customers.
  • Mowito (USA) – Mowito is a picking solution for micro-warehouses that employs computer vision technology and AI/ML algorithms.
  • Pinmicro (India) –  Improves operational safety throughout production processes by using real-time locating system (RTLS) technologies that enable a broader range of location-based interventions.
  • qualiTEAS (Canada) – qualiTEAS offers digital inspection services that can supplement on-site visual asset inspections as part of a digital twin application for augmenting predictive maintenance methods.

“You’ve all made the first steps in developing your business ventures, embarking on a journey of trial and error that is expected from every entrepreneur,” said LTP president and CEO Elmar Lutter. “I pay my respect to all the startups here today for taking the risk and trying to solve something new. May you all succeed in your missions.”

The LTP Startup Challenge, organized by Lufthansa Technik Philippines and Seedstars, is a one-of-a-kind chance for developers, designers, and aspiring businesspeople in Asia and Oceania to bring their innovative ideas and solutions to the aviation MRO (maintenance repair and overhaul) sector.


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