Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Uplive launches mental health program for Pinoy streamers

Live streaming giant Uplive by Asia Innovations Group Limited (ASIG) has partnered with mental health platform Mind You, for a program to provide mental health education and sessions, programs, and overall better access to mental health care for Filipino streamers and hosts on the platform.

The sessions are intended to help the streamers tune in to navigate and identify their feelings and what they’re going through with guidance from experts

“As a live streaming platform, we are ever cognizant that there is a live human being behind or in front of that mobile phone. We’ll use Uplive in the best way we can to help that person have access to mental health content that may potentially be life-changing or life-saving. We’re grateful to our partners in Mind You for helping us provide that content and humbled to use our platform to share it,” Andy Tan, CEO, and co-founder of ASIG, said.

Mind You is a mental health service platform that was created and founded to provide accessible and affordable psychological support for large working communities and individuals from anywhere at any time in the Philippines.

The company works with experts from the medical and psychiatric fields, the government sector (local and national), and the technology industry to connect with individuals, enterprises, companies, and brands to improve affordability and access to mental healthcare for Filipinos.

In the Philippines, Mind You estimates that there is only one psychiatrist for every 200,000 Filipinos and that there is a serious lack of education and awareness on mental health, as well as a gap when it comes to access and affordability.

Uplive, with hundred of thousands of Filipino users on the app, saw a spark of possibility in being able to use the platform to provide credible mental health content and online sessions available for free to all of its users.

One of Mind You’s key strategies is to ease the financial and accessibility challenge of the individual by working through the larger enterprises and entities to subsidize mental healthcare costs without sacrificing the income of psychiatrists and mental health experts — a perfect fit for Uplive’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goal of promoting mental health and the power of presence in social media and live-streaming platforms.

The social media platform is keen to put into action the values that ASIG’s ESG stands for: advancing creativity, positive social impact, and guarding internet safety. In this case, Uplive takes action as a catalyst for social impact and awareness through and beyond its platforms; Uplive raises awareness and promotes access to mental health support for the diverse set of content creators, audiences and streamers on the app.

This goes hand-in-hand with Uplive’s commitment in nurturing talent and safeguarding privacy, safety and positivity of users by helping users have access to professional, credible mental health content on the app. It is a way of providing a safe space online, for free, in a time where most social media platforms can be conflicting spaces.

The partnership has several mental health programs it aims to launch this November 2022, starting with a regular live kamustahan (check-in) with one of Mind You’s mental health counselors.

The sessions are intended to help the streamers tuned in to navigate and identify their feelings and what they’re going through with guidance from experts. Mind You will also be hosting regular mental health sessions on Uplive on topics found to be the most pressing for the Uplive user base.

Mind You’s events will have Uplive as one of the official live-streaming platforms, so those who may not have physical access to the event may still tune in. Uplive will also work on an awareness campaign with and for its users and hosts on Mind You’s  24/7 emergency mental health hotline. The partnership is slated to launch this November 2022 and will hopefully, if successful, be adopted by other markets similar to the Philippines where mental health awareness and access are still very much challenges.


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