Monday, June 17, 2024

Alibaba Cloud vows continued investment in PH

Alibaba Cloud said it will continue to invest in the Philippines in terms of a “green” data center that the company plans to set up in the country. Details of the Philippine investment, however, have not been disclosed.

Alibaba Cloud launched its first data center in the Philippines in October 2021 to expand its footprint in Asia and further support the digital transformation of local online enterprises.

Allen Guo, country manager for the Philippines at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, during a recent press briefing

“We have been witnessing fast business growth thanks to increasing demand for cloud-based digitalization from Philippine businesses,” Allen Guo, country manager for the Philippines at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, said during a press briefing.

“Alibaba Cloud aims to be a trusted cloud service provider and partner in the Philippines. We have established a local team and business coverage in the Philippines and will continue to grow and strengthen our digital ecosystem in the Philippines.”

Earlier, Alibaba Cloud announced during its international business summit in Thailand held in September 2022 that the company is committing a $1-billion investment to boost its ecosystem capabilities and support its partners’ technology innovation and their market expansion — a commitment that will likely benefit the Philippine market.

“Given the wide-scale adoption of cloud technology in the Philippines, we are hopeful to continue building a very fruitful ecosystem to support the country’s digitalization. Definitely, we will continue to invest in the Philippines,” Guo further said.

Alibaba Cloud said it is the leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider in the Asia Pacific region and is one of the top three worldwide cloud service providers, according to Gartner.

The latest Gartner report, Market Share: IT Services, 2021, showed Alibaba’s global market share expanded to 9.55%, while in Asia Pacific the company has achieved 25.5%.

Eco-friendly data centers are also critical to Alibaba Cloud’s sustainable operations, and in keeping with support for green initiatives, Alibaba Cloud aims to have its global data centers, including the one in the Philippines, running entirely on clean energy by 2030, starting with upgrades to five of its hyper-scale data centers in China,  Guo further said. 

Guo meanwhile said this year, Alibaba Cloud’s five hyper-scale data centers across China doubled the amount of clean energy used to support this year’s “11.11” mega event compared to the previous year.

More than 32 million kilowatt-hours of electricity used by Alibaba Cloud to support 11.11 this year came from renewable energy, up by 30% on a daily basis compared to 2021.  In 2022, Alibaba Cloud’s cloud-native database products also significantly expanded the capacity of consumers’ shopping carts by more than double, from 120 items to 300.


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