Monday, June 17, 2024

PC shipments in PH continues to drop in Q3, says IDC

PC shipments in the Philippines continued to slump, declining 19.8% year over year (YoY) and 11% quarter over quarter (QoQ), reaching 565,000 units in 3Q22, according to research firm IDC.

“Desktop shipments posted annual growth of 7.6% due to the knock-on effects of companies returning to their respective offices. On the flipside, notebook shipments recorded a YoY decline of 29.5% caused by the weakened demand from market saturation and inflation effects on the average buyer,” said Jeeno Velasco, associate market analyst at IDC Philippines.

The $600<$1,000 price band remained the most popular price point for four consecutive quarters, declining by only 0.5% YoY given its optimal price-to-performance ratio in which the top PC makers are maintaining affordability while offering sleeker designs with greater processing capabilities and a wider selection of available models.

“The upcoming holiday season may become challenging for vendors as the demand for technological products dampens,” Velasco added.

“Consumer spending priorities will be shifting to other goods and services, such as traveling, dining out, and recreation, while the commercial space will weaken due to seasonality and uncertainty in the government sector’s deployment of large-scale national projects, which will lower the expectations of shipment arrivals for 4Q22.”


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