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Blackjack secrets every casino player should know

Online blackjack is no doubt one of the most popular online casino games. For starters, it’s easy to play and has the lowest house edge percentage out of all online casino games, meaning it poses better odds of winning.

However, like any other casino game, blackjack needs one to have more than just good luck to increase their chances of winning. Players need to know a couple of strategies to be on the winning end.

Below are six blackjack secrets every casino player should know.

Learn how to play each blackjack version

Many sources claim that the way to win online blackjack is by learning the game’s basic strategies. Some even go a step further by having tables showing when to play which cards during an online blackjack game. While these strategies come in handy, they don’t apply to all blackjack games.

There are several blackjack variations, like European blackjack, Spanish 21 blackjack, and progressive blackjack, to name a few. While some standard rules may apply in most (if not all) blackjack games, each variation has its rules and strategies.

That is why players need to learn how to play several blackjack games. On the other hand, gamblers should check which blackjack version is being played at the casino. If it’s not the version they are familiar with, it’s best not to play.

Always, always check the minimum bet of the blackjack game before buying in

It may seem obvious, but many players make the mistake of not checking the minimum bet of a blackjack game before buying in. Players must check the minimum bet of the blackjack game they want to play to avoid playing a game beyond their budget.

Fortunately, many online casinos indicate the minimum bet in their blackjack games. And if it isn’t clear, gamblers need to ask the dealer.

Since most online casinos allow gamblers to play more than one spot, they should inquire about the minimum bet for each spot. Some online casinos require players to pay double the minimum bet if they play several spots.

High stake blackjack games aren’t always the best choice

High-stake blackjack games can be quite appealing, considering how good the payout is. However, it may not be the right choice, especially for beginner online blackjack players. Usually, high-stake blackjack tables are packed with pros who have mastered the game, and they are not the best opponents for newbies.

So, it’s recommendable for beginner blackjack players to stay away from blackjack tables with a high minimum bet, at least until they get better at playing the game.

Side bets may not be the best option

Many online blackjack players love playing side bets in this game. Usually, side bets in blackjack don’t cost much money( most online casinos only charge $1 for these bets). Moreover, they also have better payouts than the standard even-money blackjack payouts.

However, blackjack side bets normally have a high house edge percentage, so they may not be the best option, especially for newbies. But, if a player is still insistent on playing side bets, they should choose those with the lowest house edge percentage.

Choosing the surrender option while playing isn’t always a bad thing

Typically, when a gambler playing blackjack notices that their chances of winning are poor when they compare their two-card hands against the dealer, the obvious thing for them to do is surrender. However, most players refrain from surrendering because they’d rather keep playing and try winning their hands.

But surrendering in blackjack isn’t always bad if players know when to surrender. Usually, when surrendering in blackjack, one loses 50% of their wager. This can be a good thing, especially if the player will incur losses of more than 50% of their bets if they continue playing.

Playing in low-stake blackjack tables doesn’t always mean one will lose less money

While low-stake blackjack tables are a good option, especially for beginner gamblers, they don’t always mean one will lose less money. That is why when it comes to blackjack tables with low minimum bets, players should compare two or more tables to determine where they’re most likely to lose more.

Here is a good example. Suppose there are two blackjack tables in a casino. One table has a minimum bet of $10 with a house edge of 1%. Another table has a minimum bet of $20 with a house edge percentage of 4%.

If a player plays about 65 hands in an hour, they will bet about $650 with an expected loss of $6.50 on the blackjack table with a $10 minimum bet. On the other hand, they will spend approximately $1300 with an expected loss of $5.20 on the blackjack table with a $20 minimum bet. In this case, the player should play at the $20 blackjack table, not the $10 table, considering the average hourly loss on both tables.


While blackjack is an easy casino game to play, it’s still essential for players to know the ins and outs of this game. Doing so will enable them to avoid mistakes that will cost them because, at the end of the day, the gambler’s money is on the line. 


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