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SIM registration now over 10% completion, says DICT

The Department of Information and Technology (DICT) reported on Thursday, Jan. 12, that SIM registration has been completed for 10.47% of the 169 million subscribers nationwide, with 17,698,340 registered.

The DICT has also launched the SIM Registration 24/7 interagency response center located at the CICC building in Quezon City

The figures were based on records provided by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Jan. 12, 2023.

Smart Communications reported a total of 8,367,752 SIMs registered, which is 12.31% of Smart’s 67,995,734 subscribers.

Globe, on the other hand, recorded 7,764,786 SIMs registered — 8.84% of its 87,873,936 subscribers.

Meanwhile, Dito Telecommunity reported a total of 1,565,802 SIMs registered, which is 11.95% of its 13,108,103 subscribers.

Globe also reported that its operations for SIM registration have yielded 99.7% success rate, with 7,764,786 cumulative successful registrations as of 11 January 2023.

DICT spokesperson and undersecretary Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo said that secretary Ivan John Uy hopes that more will register their SIMs already and avoid last-minute registration.

“We want to remind the public to register early because all unregistered SIMs will be deactivated once the registration period ends on April 26, 2023. We are also working on the rollout of SIM registration for geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDAs) so that we can finish all registration within the said period,” said Lamentillo.

The DICT also held a presscon this week to formally launch the SIM Registration 24/7 interagency response center at the DICT Cybersecurity Bureau Building in Quezon City where subscribers who have concerns regarding SIM registration can dial the response center via its hotline 1326.


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