Thursday, June 20, 2024

Nümi unveils upcoming virtual reality game Nümiverse

Nümi has revealed its upcoming VR game Nümiverse with the launch of Nümi Tribe, a growing streaming platform led by three colorful VTubers.

Nümi Tribe is a streaming platform where Nümi’s colorful and popular VTubers create content and interact with fans.

Since its mid-December launch, Nümi Tribe fans in Southeast Asia and Latin America lead those from others around the globe, including Indonesia, US, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, the Philippines, UK, Canada, and Malaysia.

Nümi’s cast of flashy and charismatic virtual influencers, TechV, Divada and Eegee each amassed steadily growing fanbases.

The VTubers’ streams reach diverse audiences with on-trend content while also having the ability to read and respond to individual messages so fans can enjoy a close community and earn rewards just by signing up and engaging. Early adopters are also available for exclusive rewards and beta access to unreleased Nümi projects.

Nümi is releasing its first Season Pass in Spring 2023, giving fans even more reasons to watch and hunt exclusive bounties before the release of its flagship title, Nümiverse.

Starting out as a software development studio, Nümi has positioned itself as a leader in the rise of interconnected entertainment experiences. As part of the global immersive gaming community, Nümi is building an entertainment ecosystem where users can develop and share imaginative creations, from games to streams and more.

Nümi’s team of over 100 is made up of industry professionals with experience on global brands including Epic Games, BBDO, Sony Music Entertainment, PepsiCo, Riot Games, Wargaming, P&G and Barcadi.

Nümi is creating an entertainment ecosystem where users can create, play and watch engaging content. The personalities that make up Nümi are the inspiration for the digital playground, encouraging the community to express themselves in a variety of ways – share stories, produce imaginative creations, connect with others and explore an expansive digital universe.

An exclusive community portal dedicated to the Vtube personalities that make up the Nümiverse is also available, where users will connect with new friends and their favorite Vtubers.


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