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Fueled by 2022’s momentum of growth, GlobalSign set to scale greater heights in 2023

Every time someone sends or receives money online in a bank account in the Philippines, GlobalSign is very probably working in the background, helping to verify and secure these transactions.

GlobalSign, a leading certificate authority trusted worldwide, issues digital certificates for almost 90% of the largest banks in the Philippines. In other words, GlobalSign is trusted by nearly all of the country’s leading banks to verify their identities on the internet.

With authentication and encryption, Philippine banks are able to allow their clients to enjoy safe and secure transactions on their internet banking sites. This includes sending and receiving funds via InstaPay, an electronic instant money transfer service. Passwords, financial information, and other details being transmitted are kept private, thanks to GlobalSign’s digital certificates.

The Philippines’ Department of Information and Communications Technology accredited GlobalSign, with its best industry practices and cutting-edge infrastructure, as Cybersecurity Assessment Provider for Information Security Management System (ISMS) in 2022. And that’s just one of GlobalSign’s many milestones for the previous year.

Growth momentum in the Asia Pacific region

Last year, GlobalSign announced that ITPSS Sdn Bhd will be its new reseller in Brunei. ITPSS is an appointed cybersecurity solutions provider for Brunei’s government agencies. In recent period, the year-on-year adoption rate of GlobalSign’s trusted cloud-based document signing platform, GMO Sign, in Asia surges continuously.

More government agencies are now embracing this paperless and secure signing solution, including the Philippines’ Environmental Management Bureau and Thailand’s State Enterprise and Policy Office. GlobalSign’s Asia Pacific’s successful 2022 year of growth mirrors the trend of its global footprint of counterparts in the Group.

A continuously evolving digital signing solution

For the last three years — a period marked by lockdowns and lackluster economic growth — GlobalSign’s digital signature and timestamp businesses continued to expand rapidly.

As of end 2022, customers have used GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service for more than 30 million signatures and applied nearly 30 million timestamps.

Organizations can secure and digitize all documents, including any with legal standing, using GMO Sign (the trusted cloud-based platform powered by GlobalSign).

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Email security through GlobalSign’s latest PKI management platform

In a related development, the company announced in May 2022 the latest version of its public key infrastructure (PKI) management platform, Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG). With AEG 7.5, organizations will be able to remove barriers that prevent them from protecting themselves against dangerous cyber attacks such as spear phishing and CEO fraud. 

As part of this upgrade, GlobalSign introduced a new feature, Ready S/MIME, taking the silent installation of Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) certificates a step further by automatically configuring certificates in Outlook for Windows.

The improved capability is made possible via GlobalSign’s cross-platform agent (XPA), which sets policies, automatically enrolls, provisions, and installs certificates — providing identity for an organization’s plethora of devices.

Savvy business hardware and software investments that assure and ensure

As part of these company-wide enhancements, GlobalSign has also launched a brand-new infrastructure. With these new systems, this longest standing certificate authority is enabled to issue more certificates and matched with a higher level of validation.

Keeping up with the investment in different technologies, GlobalSign is well positioned as a strong digital identities partner to help customers to mitigate risks in every vertical.

These new infrastructure investments will also ensure that GlobalSign remains future-proof and is able to set industry standards for the short and the long term. Its track record has proven that it is ready to take on the fast changing market challenges.

Lending expertise to Internet of Things (IoT) security

Last year, GlobalSign joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance. As an Adopter Member, GlobalSign will help members, including Original Equipment Manufacturers, to improve the security of their devices by implementing PKI-backed digital certificates.

By deploying this kind of technology, which is best suited for IoT, GlobalSign is optimistic that it will result in a more secure IoT environment, giving cyber criminals fewer opportunities to hack devices.

Certified on four ISO standards

To-date, GlobalSign is the only certificate authority in the world to hold four ISO certifications. GlobalSign received ISO 27701:2019 for Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). This certification helps GlobalSign provide a standard for data privacy controls, which, when coupled with an Information Security Management System (ISMS), will allow GlobalSign to demonstrate effective data privacy management.

The digital and security solution provider also received an ISO 27017:2015 for Cloud Security, which establishes an internationally standardized framework that helps reduce risks of data breaches and build customer trust by showing its commitment to information security.

The standard also provides expert guidance for GlobalSign’s customers who use its cloud-based services. In October 2019, GlobalSign first secured certifications for ISO27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO22301 (Business Continuity Management), making it one of the first certificate authorities in the world to retain them up to now.

Additional accolades received in 2022

Frost & Sullivan recognized GlobalSign with the 2022 Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for deploying a wide range of PKI security and digital identity management technologies. In addition, ABI Research named GlobalSign an IoT Device Identity Management Market Leader, citing its Edge Enroll as one of the best tools for IoT Device Identity Management.

Momentum that accelerates towards an excellent scorecard

With GlobalSign’s successful year of growth in 2022, and its proven track record of product innovations as well as in-market “glo-calization” capability, we are excited to learn more of its momentous 2023 achievements globally, and especially within the Philippines, in 12 months’ time.

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