Friday, June 21, 2024

Legato Health Technologies rebrands into Carelon Global Solutions

With the goal of becoming the trusted partner of healthcare institutions in the US, healthcare management services and solutions provider Legato Health Technologies went through a major overhaul into becoming Carelon Global Solutions.

Carelon Global Solutions Philippines country head Nora Terrado

“We are here to officially announce that Legato Health Technologies is now Carelon Global Solutions, a new health services brand focused on solving healthcare’s most complex challenges,” said Nicki Agcaoili, chief strategy and planning officer for Carelon Global Solutions Philippines.

As part of the rebranding, Carelon Global Solutions joins several healthcare-associated brands under Elevance Health — an NYSE-listed health insurance provider from the US. Beyond Carelon, Elevance Health is also affiliated with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and WellPoint.

With the move, Carelon Global Solutions is now aligned with medical benefits management firm Aim Specialty Health, palliative care provider Aspire Health, specialty behavioral health company Beacon Health Options, Carelon Digital Platforms, pharmacy benefit manager CarelonRx, care delivery organization CareMore Health, research firm HealthCore, Meridian Resources, and myNEXUS.

“Over the years, the brand made a name for itself by using advanced technologies, optimizing operations, and improving lives and communities. Since the company was established, we carried on our mission to continuously transform healthcare through excellence, innovation, and digital transformation,” Carelon Global Solutions COO and president Rajat Puri shared in a prepared message.

As Legato Health Technologies, the company specialized in providing digital tools designed to streamline the business operations of healthcare organizations. Puri reiterated in his statement that as Carelon Global Solutions, virtually all areas of the business will remain unchanged.

“We ensure that the quality of service remains the same and the change only further allows us to reach greater heights. With the help of our partners and stakeholders, we will bring together the brightest minds to develop solutions and provide services for healthcare,” he added.

Highlighting the company’s history of “hyper growth” since its inception in the Philippines in 2018, Carelon Global Solutions Philippines country head Nora Terrado reported that its local presence is now backed by 7,000 talents across four established offices — two of which are located in Manila while the rest are situated in Iloilo.

Nicki Agcaoili, chief strategy and planning officer for Carelon Global Solutions Philippines

“This rebranding is fueled by our commitment to elevate health into a greater purpose, performing capabilities beyond that of a traditional health benefits insurer. Our services today unite data-driven digital solutions with top-level talent in the Philippines and around the world to build seamless processes and operations that lead to administrative efficiencies, savings, and better access to health services,” she continued.

In a nutshell, Carelon Global Solutions sees the rebranding as a way of value creation for its customers. As an example, through data analytics and AI, the company is able to enhance the customer experience and business performance.

“Carelon brings together a family of healthcare services brands, each providing powerful capabilities, delivering and creating new innovative solutions that put people first,” she concluded.

To date, Carelon Global Solutions estimates the value it delivered to customers at more than $500 million, resolves three million in provider claim inquiries on an annual basis, and reduced 12% in cost of claims operations.


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