Friday, June 21, 2024

Child-parenting expert to speak on empowering digital natives

To assist parents and educators in better communicating with young digital natives and learn ways to support children within and outside their digital environment, homegrown EdTech company Xepto, together with the PAREF group of schools, are hosting two conferences with internationally recognized educational psychologist Dr. Michelle Borba.

The first talk will take place on Monday, April 17, in PAREF Southridge and is titled “Shaping the Future: Values in the Digital Generation”.

The second under the banner “Excellent Character, Excellent Schools: The Character Solution” will happen on Thursday, April 20, in the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Borba specializes in character education and will be covering a bevy of strategies including those to rebuild connections with children, nurture character traits that will help kids flourish into resilient adults, coping methods to lessen anxiety, and even improve school performance.

Speaking at the online launch of these conferences, Borba reminded parents that the Covid-19 pandemic initiated a stressful change, but it also opened an opportunity.

“The goal is we got to be there for our kids…This thing called Covid has really helped us all realize we need to reboot a little more, we got to get a skillset. I’ll be talking to you about the skills that matter, on how do we help our kids thrive,” she emphasized.

Borba also shared the initial and most crucial step parents can take to support their kids.

“The first thing today is just start that conversation going and that’s how we’re going to raise a strong, healthy generation,” she asserted.

PAREF chairman and president Danny Moran agreed: “It’s really the ability to understand and communicate with our next generation in some kind of authentic dialogue with them in order to help and guide them through this current challenging environment.”

Parents, though, are not the only parties who can benefit from Borba’s advice. Schools also serve an important role in equipping tomorrow’s adults with future-ready skills.

Xepto anticipated that educators would be keen to hear Borba’s advice and that the onsite venue of the conferences may limit its audience.

Through Xepto Academy, the company’s platform to provide high tech solutions and training for the country’s corporate and education institutions, the EdTech firm aims to make available Borba’s advice for those who could not attend the face-to-face conferences.

Paco Sandejas, Xepto founder and CEO, expounded: “We really want to spread this amazing content more widely to all Filipinos, all over the country…We know it’s hard to get everyone physically into one place, and so [through] Xepto Academy, our goal is to put as much of what [Borba] can share with us online in a way that we can continue sharing even after [Borba] departs in April.”

“With Xepto, we will be enabled to share this content to all the schools,” Sandejas affirmed. “Our goal is to help schools thrive in today’s challenging learning environment and to help teachers, families, and students.”

To reserve a spot and purchase tickets to the live talks, visit this Google Form


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