Monday, May 20, 2024

Timezone rolls out upgraded Fun App, allowing Powercards users to top up

Timezone, the popular family entertainment center brand with 61 locations in the Philippines, has launched an upgraded version of its Timezone Fun App.

The Timezone Fun App can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or on Google Play Store

The company said thousands of Timezone guests have been enjoying the Fun App since its launch last year for its reward vouchers, mini-games, special promotions, and the hottest deals.

The app is now taking the fun a little further by allowing guests to top up their Powercards, making it easier and more convenient to enjoy all the fun and excitement that Timezone has to offer.

With just a few taps on their smartphone, guests can skip the lines and reload their Powercards anytime, anywhere. The app will continue to offer exclusive deals, rewards, and prizes to users, enhancing their overall Timezone experience online and offline.

The Timezone Fun App can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or on Google Play Store. As a special offer, new users who download the Timezone Fun App and register their Powercards will receive an exclusive P100 Powerload voucher.

To reload in the app, users simply add their Powercard to an account, click “Reload,” and select the desired amount. To add to the excitement, until June 30, 2023, guests will receive bonus load when they reload their Timezone Powercards through the app.

The app accepts payments via credit or debit card.

With over two million active players in the Philippines, Timezone continues to provide a fun and exciting experience for all. Since its launch in November 2022, the Timezone Fun App has already garnered more than 130,000 downloads in the country.


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