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Globe, PLDT most consistent in providing broadband signal: report

In its first fixed broadband analysis in the Philippines, mobile metrics firm Opensignal said Globe and PLDT users have the most consistent broadband experience nationally.

According to Opensignal, Globe and PLDT share first place for Broadband Consistent Quality in the Philippines with statistically tied scores of 50.7% to 51.7%.

This means that 50.7-51.7% of Globe and PLDT users’ tests meet the minimum recommended performance thresholds to watch high-definition (HD) video, complete group video conference calls and play games.

Converge places third with 47.7%, while Smart brings up the rear with 31.3%, the company said.

Opensignal further said Converge and PLDT pick up most of the accolades in Metro Manila.

In Metro Manila, Converge users have the best available Broadband Video Experience, Broadband Success Rate and Broadband Upload Speed, the company said.

However, Converge ties with PLDT for Broadband Download Speed and PLDT comes top for Broadband Peak Download Speed. 

Converge also dominates the fixed broadband experience in Cebu City, the company said. 

In Cebu City, Converge users observe the highest scores for Broadband Video Experience, Broadband Download Speed, and Broadband Upload Speed. In addition, Converge shares first place for Broadband Peak Download Speed with PLDT and is part of a four-way tie for Broadband Success Rate, the company added.

Opensignal said its first analysis of the fixed broadband experience in the Philippines analyzed real-world data from users in three cities: Metro Manila, Cebu City, and Davao City.

“We examine six key measures of the broadband user experience: Broadband Download Speed, Peak Download Speed, Upload Speed, Video Experience, Success Rate, and Consistent Quality. We have only included the largest fixed broadband providers by market share in each area — those that serve at least 5% of our user base. And for the national results, we consider the four providers with over 5% market share,” the company said.

​​Broadband subscription plan characteristics — for example, speed tiers or data caps — vary greatly by provider and the dispersion of the plan mix will affect the average experience result. Opensignal’s measurements capture users’ experience, regardless of the plan that they have purchased from their provider.

The report analyzes the end-to-end real-world situation across all users’ plans which includes transport over a provider’s core network and connectivity onto the sites and content delivery networks that host popular services, apps, and websites.

The company said it did not include connections to Piso Wi-Fi vending machines in the analysis.


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