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New cases, accessories waiting for iPhone 15, Apple Watch

Even if the newly launched iPhone 15 series and Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra have yet to become commercially available, global tech accessory maker CASETiFY has already announced its line-up for the soon-to-be-released gadgets.

Right after the Apple keynote event, the brand unveiled its Ultra Bounce Case’s availability for the new iPhone series, which won 7 “Best of IFA Berlin 2023” media awards.

The product has been widely acknowledged as the most protective phone case for the mass market while also being customizable. Additionally, the new Impact & Bounce range of Watch Bands is also expected to push the limits of extreme protection across Apple’s entire ecosystem.

What makes the Ultra Bounce Case stand out from the competition is its 6-Layered Rugged Protection System. At the core of it, the case boasts 4 Ultra Bounce Corners.

These expanded bumper archings contain compression ribs with air cavities that are able to create structural support and add rigidity when the device drops.

The other five elements in the system include a 1.2mm raised camera ring, an in-built 2.2mm raised Lens Cover, as well as 3 layers of Ecoshock material on the 2 inner sides of the case and the backplate.

As a result, the case is able to survive up to 32ft (10m) in a single drop, has 10X Military Grade Standard (STD-810G) and has been tested to withstand 260 drops from all possible angles.

The case is fully customizable with names, colors, and fonts, together with availability in the entire catalog of CASETiFY designs. It will be priced at P5,890 at

Beyond this novelty, the bounce case will also be available for the iPhone 15 Series.

Tested to withstand over 156 drops on all angles and falls from up to 21.3 feet, the 6x military grade standard case incorporates more simple Bounce Corners, providing strong and agile protection for urban exploration. It will be available for a retail price of P4,790 at & Amazon.

In addition to these, CASETiFY has also launched the Impact Ring Stand Case. This 3X Military Grade Standard option can withstand single drops of at least 6.6ft (2m), is MagSafe-compatible and has the unique patent-pending design feature of its camera ring able to be lifted up and act as a stand for extra protection. It will retail for PHP 4,290.

The regular CASETiFY Impact Case is still available for iPhone 15 devices, not only with endless customization options and designs but also with reliable protection capabilities, offering 8.2 ft. (2.4m) drop protection and 4x Military Grade Standard (STD-810G). Pricing will start at P3,790 at & Amazon.

When it comes to the Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2, CASETiFY is launching 2 new types of watch bands. The Bounce band, priced at P3,690, is made out of high-performance materials such as FKM fluoroelastomer rubber, and is a robust option for sports performance and urban exploration, helped by its pin-and-tuck closure and its rugged front pattern.

The Bounce Band will only be available in black, sand, and orange plain colors at and is geared towards fitness enthusiasts, urban explorers, as well as those who have an appeal for its form factor.

On the other hand, the CASETiFY Impact Band, at a starting price of P2,690, is manufactured with a sturdy hardware and a slim, sleek strap, favoring water-resistance. This watch band will come in the endless range of designs, prints, and customizations that CASETiFY offers.

It is possible to couple either the Impact Band or the Watch Band with the very wide range of Apple Watch Cases that CASETiFY offers, some of them with silver and golden metal finishing, the best pairing for the latest Apple Watch Ultra. They all can also be found at

Other accessories compatible with the new devices from Apple include Magsafe Cardholder Stands, Ring Holders as well as the widest array of Screen Protectors, Phone Straps, and Camera Lens Protectors in the industry. They can all be found at


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