Sunday, April 21, 2024

Aussie tech firm rolls out talent platform for Pinoys

Australian tech firm company Experlio has launched a platform for Filipinos looking for remote work.

The company said the platform, which was started to support Australian university students, has now become the first talent network for creative thinkers.

Since late 2022, thousands of Filipinos have been flocking to Experlio each month to develop creative skills and get work experience. Now, they’re expanding to help employers tap into this pool, creating the first official “Talent Network for Creative Thinkers,” with a new app being launched in the Philippines.

Ever since the platform received major organic interest from the Philippines, following a TikTok post from a student who gained new work from the platform, the company has shifted its focus abroad.

Following in the footsteps of another Aussie start-up, Canva (valued at $39 billion in 2021), Experlio is set to transform employers’ access to top creative thinkers, inspired by the potential of Filipino talent.

Canva employs 18.5% of their international workforce in the Philippines. And over 700,000 Filipinos are working for companies headquartered in the United States alone What this points to is an obvious and growing skill base in the region. Now, the challenge is for the skills to meet the demand from local and global employers.

Currently, there exists a clear gap between education and work. Before the pandemic, 73% of global employers hired junior talent based on their university grades. In 2023, that number has halved to just 37%.

But understanding the skills of junior talent poses a problem of its own: Recruiters report that 71.6% of resume errors come from the miscommunication of skills on a resume. That’s a lot of time and money wasted on hiring, plus a significant risk for businesses.

These are the challenges Experlio aims to solve. One way they’re doing this is through the introduction of skills-based profiles.

On Experlio, talents’ skills are developed and verified in-app, using an innovative new content format they’re pioneering. ‘Work-based activities’ allow talent to experience real-world work tasks, while ensuring employers understand the true value and potential that candidates can bring to their organization.

Continuing their focus on matching relevant skills to employers, Experlio goes one step further with Skill Posts — an upgrade of the dreaded job post — to help attract the right talent.

Skill Posts focus 100% on skills, no job titles or experience required. They can also be used to educate talent on opportunities for future skill development within an organiation (a key deciding factor for top junior talent), and employers can build their very own skills-based talent community, for free, reducing the time and cost to hire future talent.

In support of this trend, Deloitte recently reported that 89% of HR executives reference skills as an increasingly important factor for deploying talent and managing careers, over job titles. In fact, using a skills-based approach was shown to improve the placement of talent by 107%!

As an added bonus, skills-based profiles in Experlio are anonymous, which helps employers hit their diversity, equity and inclusion goals. This means that even non-university graduates with the right skills could be considered by top employers — increasing the pool for employers, and access for candidates!

“We’re really excited to be playing a role in uncovering the true potential of junior talent in the Philippines. It’s been such an exciting and vibrant community to be a part of, already,” Chris Evans, CEO and founder of Experlio, said.

Experlio’s new offering is now available for free, for a limited time to employers based in the Philippines.


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