Monday, June 17, 2024

First regional job portal for healthcare in SE Asia launched

Docquity, a professional network of more than 400,000 healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Southeast Asia, has launched Docquity Jobs, the first regional job portal dedicated to HCPs in the region.  

Since launching in Malaysia in 2022, Docquity Jobs has expanded to the Philippines and Indonesia, and is now piloting in Singapore. It now has around 400 employers on board and sees a 30% month-on-month growth, with over 6,000 HCPs visiting organically on average every month. 

“Docquity was founded with a vision to connect and empower HCPs to improve healthcare outcomes at scale. Through the years, we have continued to evolve our products and services based on our deep insights into HCP needs and challenges,” Indranil Roychowdhury, Docquity CEO and co-founder, said.

“Responding to the career progression requirements of HCPs on our platform, we launched Docquity Jobs as a critical extension of our purpose and business, offering HCPs a dedicated space to connect with potential employers seamlessly.”

Docquity studies have found that 88% of HCPs in the region are open to exploring new job opportunities. As traditional job platforms are not optimized for Southeast Asia’s medical professionals, Docquity created a regional portal advertising only the most relevant healthcare jobs from top employers within the industry.

HCPs can utilize Docquity Jobs to conveniently search for openings according to their desired location, job title, and company type. Through Docquity Jobs, HCPs can also access resources to aid them in preparation for any potential regional transfers. 

Furthermore, healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical companies, can leverage the platform’s insights to target candidates from the region’s largest network of healthcare professionals or improve efficiencies by outsourcing their recruitment requirements to Docquity Jobs’ in-house talent acquisition team.

For example, Juan Medical, a home-based healthcare service provider in the Philippines, partnered with Docquity Jobs to help expand its team in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Cebu as demand for its offerings surged.

Docquity Jobs launched a bespoke marketing campaign for Juan Medical, leveraging its wide network of HCPs to quickly reach over 23,300 potential candidates. The partnership enabled Juan Medical to successfully onboard 24 HCPs, for roles such as on-call specialists and nurses, in just 21 weeks.

“Attracting HCP applicants had been a considerable challenge as our legacy recruitment processes were not yielding the desired results fast enough. Docquity Jobs made finding and hiring the right talent more efficient, demanding minimal effort from us. Its comprehensive approach and customized touch enabled us to secure top HCPs for both Cebu and the NCR,” Tanya Marie Cabais-Liscano, medical director of Juan Medical, said.

Meanwhile, Speedoc, a virtual clinic based in Malaysia and Singapore that allows users to seek medical care from home, worked with Docquity Jobs to communicate its employer value proposition and find healthcare talent that met its unique working requirements.

Docquity Jobs offered Speedoc specialized healthcare headhunting services and comprehensive management of the entire recruitment process. Speedoc’s campaign reached over 11,000 doctors, with 285 being interviewed one-on-one by Docquity. 

“Docquity Jobs has demonstrated proficiency and professionalism in candidate management. Their established candidate management process has provided us with candidates that have added tremendous value to our business,” Kenneth Toh, director of people and ulture of Speedoc, said.



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