Saturday, February 24, 2024

PH e-commerce solutions firm Payo launches new logistics app

Local e-commerce solutions provider Payo has launched its first logistics mobile application to provide merchants with a more convenient way to manage their businesses online.

“Smartphones are now part of our way of life both as business owners and customers. The Payo app lets merchants access our services and manage day-to-day operations with just a few simple taps anytime, anywhere,” said Payo chief technology officer Dennis Hilario.

Among the key features of the Payo app is Self-Onboarding, which allows new merchants to register, activate their account, and create orders all by themselves.

Instructions are readily available to support self-onboarding and serve as reminders for users of the app. They also have the option to Book a Call with a Payo business development manager who can assist them with the onboarding.

Merchants can keep better track of their income using the Sales Tracking function of the Payo app. This dashboard shows the Total Cash Collected, Total Sales made, and Revenue earned.

The Payo app also lets business owners create orders through its Ordering feature. All they need to do is input the merchant and buyer details, and an order will be created.

Additionally, the in-app Shipping Fee Calculator gives an accurate cost estimate based on package information and shipping information.

“Since we process around 1500 to 3000 orders daily, we believe that the Payo app will enable us to assist more merchants and have more orders fulfilled in a shorter period,” said Hilario. “With the holiday rush starting to pick up, they have real-time visibility over orders and sales through the Payo app.”

Other notable features available in Payo’s app include Shipbill Tracking to help merchants track shipments, and the Notification Bell to alert them of changes to the status of orders in real time. A downloadable copy of their Statement of Account can also be viewed from the app.

“Aside from the current features, we’re exploring how we can make the Payo app more holistic in terms of functionality, service delivery, and other merchant benefits,” said Payo IT product manager Alexsa Romero.

“Among those that we’re eyeing are Inventory Management, Business Analytics, AI-based Insighting, Payment Gateway Integration, and KYC Platform Integration for an even better onboarding experience.”


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