Monday, May 27, 2024

Grab PH intros ‘phygital’ offerings to meet new needs of consumers, merchants

Grab Philippines is growing its portfolio of online-to-offline solutions with the introduction of “Pay With Grab” and “Instant Deals” to enrich the physical-digital experience of consumers and boosting the growth of its merchant partners.

During the pandemic, Grab was instrumental in supporting MSMEs with on-demand delivery services. With the resurgence of dine-in culture, Grab is pivoting to support the shifted consumer preferences that now seamlessly integrate in-person dining and digital convenience.

“The essence of dining out has evolved, blending traditional charm with digital sophistication. At Grab, we recognize that the successful revival of our local food merchants hinge not just on attracting customers back to their favorite tables, but on sustaining the digital connectivity that became a lifeline during the pandemic,” said Grab Philippines director for deliveries Greg Camacho.

“Our aim is to equip MSMEs with innovative tools that cater to this new hybrid consumer behavior, ensuring that every interaction — whether in-person or online — translates into lasting relationships and growth opportunities. By intertwining digital efficiency with the authentic dining experience, we are setting a new standard for what it means to dine in the digital age,” adds Camacho.

The resurgence of dine-in comes as consumers enthusiastically return to restaurants and cafes, seeking the social interactions they missed during lockdowns. However, the pandemic has permanently altered some consumer behaviors, highlighting the need for a hybrid service model that incorporates both physical presence and digital efficiency.

Grab’s enhanced omnicommerce strategy is designed to support MSMEs in this new reality, ensuring they can capitalize on the increased foot traffic while retaining the digital audience cultivated during the pandemic.

Grab is rolling out “Pay With Grab” and “Instant Deals” to adapt to and capitalize on these changing consumer patterns:

  • Pay With Grab: This streamlined payment solution allows diners to pay via the Grab app, integrating the convenience of digital payments with the pleasure of dine-in experiences. It addresses the growing consumer preference for contactless transactions while enhancing operational efficiency for restaurants.
  • Instant Deals: Tailored for the dynamic dine-in resurgence, this feature enables restaurants to offer customizable and timely promotions that attract both new and returning customers. These deals can be adjusted in real-time to reflect dining trends, special events, or even weather conditions, ensuring maximum customer engagement and satisfaction.

Bridging online and offline experiences

As consumer habits evolve to a blend of online and offline engagements, Grab’s omnicommerce enhancements focus on seamless integration:

  1. Unified Management Platform: A sophisticated, easy-to-use platform that allows MSMEs to manage dine-in, pickup, and delivery services comprehensively. This tool supports inventory management, order tracking, and customer relationship management all in one place.
  • Advanced Analytics: Providing MSMEs with data-driven insights to better understand customer preferences, peak times, and sales patterns, which inform strategic decisions like menu adjustments and promotional offers.
  • Financial Flexibility: Enhanced access to GrabFin Loans and faster settlement times improve liquidity for MSMEs, enabling them to invest in growth opportunities and stabilize operations in a fluctuating market.
  • Marketing Tools: The improved Marketing Manager tool empowers MSMEs to efficiently create and deploy marketing campaigns that resonate with both digital and dine-in customers, enhancing reach and reinforcing customer loyalty.


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