Monday, May 27, 2024

TP-Link introduces Wi-Fi 7 devices in PH

Networking solutions firm TP-Link is bringing Wi-Fi 7 experience to the Philippines through the roll-out of its newest line of products such as routers optimized for Wi-Fi 7 and Tapo smart home devices.

Wi-Fi 7 represents the next evolution in wireless networking, offering speeds that are 20% faster than previous generations. Newer technology and developments have also resulted in significantly reduced latency rates for ultra-responsive connections.

“TP-Link is the first in the world to release its Wi-Fi 7 products and we are thrilled to be the first to introduce the future of connectivity to the Philippines” said Ben Chen, country manager at TP-Link Philippines.

In addition to blazing-fast speeds and reduced latency, features like Multi-Link Operation, 4096QAM, and Multiple Resource Units help optimize Wi-Fi 7 so network efficiency is significantly better.

This results in better allocation of resources, reduced interference, and overall smoother data transmission. It is also expected to offer better coverage compared to previous generations.

Users can enjoy more reliable connections across larger areas, reducing dead zones and providing consistent performance throughout their homes or workplaces.

New security features and enhancements are also introduced, bolstering overall network protection. With stronger encryption standards and enhanced defenses against emerging threats, users can feel more secure and confident about the safety of their wireless activities.

“With Wi-Fi 7, we’re not only talking about faster downloads and smoother streaming but also unlocking a whole new world of tech advancements for every Filipino,” said Chen.

TP-Link has debuted the inaugural WiFi 7 router in the Philippines — the Archer BE230, boasting substantial enhancements in performance and user experience.

Equipped with Multi-Link Operation (MLO) technology, Archer BE230 adeptly manages multiple links concurrently, thereby significantly bolstering network stability and speed. In settings such as homes and offices where network usage is intensive, the Archer BE230 effectively diminishes data transmission delays and interference.

Notably, transmission speed has surged by 49% compared to its predecessor, promising users swifter response times and reduced waiting periods for activities like data downloads, video streaming, and large file transfers.

Moreover, the Archer BE230 router introduces Maximum Resource Utilization (MRU) technology, optimizing resource allocation and augmenting network efficiency.

The Archer BE230 supports OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP Over IPsec, ensuring compatibility with major VPN providers. Its VPN Client functions seamlessly with TP-Link VPN servers and most third-party VPN servers, including Surfshark, NordVPN, Mullvad VPN, ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, PrivateTunnel,, and PIA. Continuous updates will expand VPN router support to encompass more advanced VPN protocols.

Notably, the TP-Link BE230 has tripled its VPN performance, ensuring expedited and secure VPN services for cross-border data transmission or safeguarding personal privacy. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for remote workers or individuals accessing restricted network resources.

Furthermore, the Archer BE230 router has substantially reduced network responsiveness delay by 3.3 times compared to previous models. Whether engaging in gaming, real-time video conferences, or latency-sensitive applications, the Archer BE230 delivers a smoother and more immediate interactive experience.

This upgrade is especially advantageous for professional e-sports players or remote workers requiring ultra-low latency, guaranteeing instantaneous responsiveness without network-induced slowdowns.

Utilizing Broadcom’s latest WIFI 7 solution, the Archer BE230 boasts a fourfold increase in USB read/write performance, enhancing speeds significantly.

TP-Link has also partnered with the PLDT Home to introduce the first-ever BE230 Wi-Fi 7 router in the country. Existing PLDT Home Fiber subscribers will have early access to this cutting-edge technology with a special retail price.

TP-Link also unveiled a new lineup of Tapo smart home products, designed to complement Wi-Fi 7 technology. These offerings include Tapo C425, a wire-free security camera, Tapo D230S1, 2K 5MP Tapo Smart Battery Video Doorbell, Tapo C720, 2K QHD Smart Floodlight Camera, Tapo T100, Smart Motion Sensor, just to name a few. New Tapo smart home products will be released in May 2024.


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