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Techniques, tips for intraday forex trading success

Intraday forex trading can be a risky but potentially profitable endeavor for traders who are prepared and knowledgeable. By learning key techniques and following important tips, you can increase your chances of success with intraday forex trades. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top recommendations for trading forex on an intraday basis.

What is Forex Trading?

So, what is forex trading? Forex, also known as foreign exchange, is the trading of currencies. It involves buying and selling currency pairs in an attempt to profit from changes in exchange rates. Intraday forex trading specifically refers to opening and closing trades within the same trading day, rather than holding positions overnight. Traders attempt to profit from small price movements throughout the day.

Pick Your Trading Hours Wisely

One of the first things to understand about intraday forex trading is that markets are most volatile at the open and close of major trading sessions. The busiest trading times are when sessions overlap, such as when Asian markets are closing while European markets are opening. Consider focusing your trading activity during busy session overlaps to take advantage of greater price movement.

Use Limited Leverage

While leverage can boost profits, it also dramatically increases risk. With intraday trading, it’s generally advised to use less leverage than you might use for longer-term trades. Consider using a maximum of 10:1 leverage for your intraday forex trading. This will help limit your exposure to volatile price swings that can quickly wipe out positions.

Take Profit Regularly

With intraday forex trades, targets and stops should be relatively close. This is due to the shorter time frame for trades and the increased risk involved. Consider taking profit quickly, such as within 10-30 pips on a trade. Don’t get greedy hoping for an extended move. Take your profit early and often, then look for another low-risk trading opportunity.

Use Stop Losses

Stop losses are crucial for intraday forex traders. With increased volatility, prices can swiftly reverse course and wipe out your capital. Use stop losses on every trade to define and limit your risk. Conservative intraday traders often use relatively tight stops of 10-20 pips. Adjust stop placement based on your risk tolerance and trade size.

Trade the News Cautiously

Major news events will drive increased volatility, which seems ideal for intraday traders. However, the extreme price swings caused by news can swiftly invalidate your analysis. Be very cautious trading around major announcements and economic data releases. Have a game plan or consider avoiding them altogether.

Study Short Term Chart Patterns

Intraday trading relies heavily on technical analysis using short-term charts. Study chart patterns like triangles, flags, and wedges that often play out over minutes or hours. Candlestick patterns can also alert you to momentum shifts. Master reading the tape and key chart patterns specific to intraday time frames.

Trade Reversals

Look for trade setups that take advantage of short-term reversals. Overbought and oversold conditions that last for a few hours or less can be good intraday entry points. For example, look for RSI divergence on 15-minute charts for reversal clues. Just be sure to have tight stops in place, as reversals can be swift.

Success with intraday forex trading relies on proper preparation. Use limited leverage, tight stops, and small profit targets. Pick active trading hours and learn to read the tape using short-term charts. Avoid overtrading and focus on the best low-risk, high-probability setups. Master these key intraday forex trading techniques and tips to give yourself an advantage.


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