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Aiming to spark emerging tech discussions, AIBC Asia returning to Manila

Technology has become a fundamental part of Asian business operations, but it is difficult to keep up with technology’s advancements. A crucial event for staying on top of the latest emerging technologies in the region is the upcoming AIBC Asia, the Asian chapter of the frontier technology conferences hosted by SiGMA Group.

“Our conferences are unlike any conference you’ve seen,” declared Eman Pulis, founder of both SiGMA Group and AIBC. “For those who really want to have days of a buzzing expo with insightful content and walk away with a stack of business cards, having made new friendships, new connections, and new business opportunities, SiGMA and AIBC is one you shouldn’t miss”

This year’s highly anticipated AIBC Asia and its sister event, the iGaming summit SiGMA Asia, are happening from June 3 to 5 at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia. Around 20,000 participants from all around Asia have already reserved tickets, choosing from packages that offer varying levels of access to the events’ lineup of panels, exhibitions, networking events, and start-up pitches.

Its huge pool of participants guarantees that AIBC Asia 2024 will bring together executives, investors, and technopreneurs to explore the business applications of rapidly changing technologies, particularly today’s hot topics, artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and quantum computing.

Notably, it is not the first time the Philippines has hosted these technology events and there are several reasons the nation has once again become AIBC Asia and SiGMA Asia’s regional stage.

In an exclusive interview with Pulis, he detailed how the country’s welcoming regulatory environment, hungry start-up scene, and thriving iGaming industry create a prime setting for these massive technology and iGaming events.

“We want to show what the Philippines is made of through our conference…It’s going to be a celebration of technology, not only in the Philippines but in the wider Asian region,” said Pulis during the interview.

Pulis expounded on how the government’s warm reception towards technology and iGaming companies is a major factor in creating an environment where these industries can flourish.

He specifically highlighted how several government bodies such as the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA), Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB), and Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) are pushing for technology companies to establish themselves in the country and diligently putting in place regulations in the iGaming space.

Pulis commented: “We want to work hand in hand with these government bodies to help drive the message [of welcome] outside of the Philippines’ shores. I think we’re doing a very good job of that because come June, we are expecting no less than 20,000 delegates, the majority of whom are coming from overseas.”

Pulis also stressed how AIBC Asia aims to support Manila’s healthy start-up ecosystem. Start-ups pitch for free at AIBC and Pulis stated that an overwhelming number have already signed up for the chance to make hundreds of connections and garner critical investments. Pulis even urged last-minute start-ups to visit their website and submit an application.

Last but not the least, Pulis touted Manila as the iGaming hub of Asia, which makes it the ideal place for AIBC Asia’s tech community and SiGMA Asia’s iGaming community to rub shoulders and learn about the possibilities opened by combining both industries.

“Our humble beginnings date back to the online [i]Gaming space” Pulis recounted “We want to bring AIBC’s community closer to the SiGMA community and when that happens, I believe there are endless opportunities for the two to work together.”

To illustrate such opportunities, Pulis explained how AI can detect patterns in online gamblers clicks to provide an early warning about a developing addiction. He additionally described how blockchain could be utilized to show players that the random number generation process is truly arbitrary and thereby, increase players’ trust.

“We want to educate both sides. We want to make the iGaming community aware that they need to embrace frontier technology more and more to protect the player and give the regulators the tools that they need to safeguard their citizens. But we also want the crowd from frontier tech to understand that listen, this is a very regulated space, it is not run by cowboys, and we should be working with them” Pulis emphasized.

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