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REVIEW | Promate Comex Bluetooth speaker

The Promate Conex Bluetooth speaker is an excellent choice to start your home entertainment system. The dual stereo speakers produce HD-quality sounds, allowing for a more immersive experience not replicated by most singe setup speakers.

REVIEW | Xiaomi Mi 4i smartphone

Xiaomi’s latest Android smartphone, the Mi 4i, started to be sold in the Philippines by Lazada last Wednesday, June 29. As expected, it has generated much interest from Android enthusiasts who know too well what a Xiaomi product can offer — that is, value for money.

REVIEW | Xiaomi Redmi 2 smartphone

For current owners of RedMi 1S, you’d be quite happy with the design updates on the RedMi 2. Although the changes are rather subtle, it is still welcome nonetheless.

REVIEW | Xiaomi Red Mi 1S smartphone

Xiomi has been generating a lot of buzz lately for providing quality phones with really low prices. Their latest offering is no different. Dubbed as the Red Mi 1S, the phone costs just half the price of other phones with similar specifications.

REVIEW | LG G3 smartphone

Last year’s flagship phone, the LG G2, was an impressive phone. While the LG G3 pretty much borrowed everything from the LG G2, the company decided to give what many users felt lacking with the LG G2 such as the removable battery and a micro SD slot.

REVIEW | Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

Recently, Samsung added a new line of ginormous phablets — the Galaxy Mega. But, did the Korean tech firm push the limit too far with this new series?

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