Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Edd Usman


Gov’t scholarships break cycle of poverty, top MSU Marawi grad says

Until his graduation from MSU Marawi, his family and relatives never had anyone who graduated from college or high school.

PH told to go beyond anti-virus solutions to combat ransomware

Defenses must evolve and match the attacks by cybercriminals as the world of technology is rapidly changing.

Fujitsu exec: Skills upgrade needed to future-proof PH workers

Re-training should be done every three to five years because what workers were doing five years ago might not be the same in another five years.

Microsoft exec enthusiastic about PH National Broadband Plan

The government's cloud-only policy is also one of the reasons why Microsoft is interested in partnering with the Philippines.

PH seeks to meet UN benchmark with more scientists in 10 years

In a decade, the country is expected to have 380 scientists, engineers, and researchers for every one million Filipinos, the suggested benchmark of the Unesco, a science and technology official said.

Payments platform Qwikwire wins 5th GOAB startup competition

Qwikwire has now positioned itself in the highly discriminating financial technology (fintech) field as a "secure international payments platform designed for enterprises."

AI may soon take over BPO jobs in PH, DOST execs says

Even if the Philippines doesn?t do anything, new innovations from AI, data science, and space technology will eventually become the norm, the DOST official said during the meeting at the WVSU.

Grab holds livelihood, financial literacy programs for wives of drivers

These livelihood programs are seen to help the wives augment their husbands' incomes after Grab learned that most of its 20,000 accredited drivers are the sole breadwinners of their households, Cosgayon said.

PH cybersecurity concerns higher than global average, survey says

The poll, which covered the Philippines for the first time, also showed that Filipino women are more concerned about personal security than men.

PH has ‘slowest, most expensive’ Internet service, DICT usec admits

A top government ICT official called attention to the country's notoriously slow Internet speeds during the opening of an Internet of Things (IoT) conference in Pasay City.

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