Author: Owen Cammayo

iThink | The sting of The Mamba’s passing

Kobe’s death brings a particular sting. I may not have the good fortune of having known or having been known by him personally, but as a basketball fan, he is someone I’ve watched and admired – both on and off the court.

iThink | Clear eyes and minds for 2020

It’s almost enough to make one want to opt out of going digital, but this isn’t the solution.

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iTHINK | Why digital mindset matters

For really disruptive technologies, people may react with discomfort, awe, excitement, or suspicion, sometimes all at the same time.

iTHINK | Digital matters

Unlike other businesses, banking has been shaken, rather belatedly, in a more significant way by the digital revolution — with the creation of fintechs and other tech companies venturing into finance services.

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