Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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Owen Cammayo


iThink | The sting of The Mamba’s passing

Kobe’s death brings a particular sting. I may not have the good fortune of having known or having been known by him personally, but as a basketball fan, he is someone I’ve watched and admired – both on and off the court.

iTHINK | Clear eyes and minds for 2020

It’s almost enough to make one want to opt out of going digital, but this isn’t the solution. Toggle panel: Featured Image Show/Hide Featured Image Show/Hide Select to show or hide the featured image from automatically displaying in this post. Toggle panel: AddToAny AddToAny Show sharing buttons. Number of media items found: 3Select FilesSelect Files

iTHINK | Frailty, thy name is human (How to prevent cybercrime when the weakest link could be you)

We should take online interactions – especially ones with strangers – with a huge grain of salt.

iTHINK | Why digital mindset matters

For really disruptive technologies, people may react with discomfort, awe, excitement, or suspicion, sometimes all at the same time.

iTHINK | Digital matters

Unlike other businesses, banking has been shaken, rather belatedly, in a more significant way by the digital revolution -- with the creation of fintechs and other tech companies venturing into finance services.

iTHINK | The never-ending quest for stories

With a mindset of a storyteller, we can get our message out in a more effective, efficient way.

iTHINK | How tech, social media blur lines between work and personal life

Next time you go online, think before you post ? it might save you a whole lot of trouble in this increasingly interconnected and integrated world we now live in.

iTHINK | Data is today’s most valuable resource

The reality is that impregnable cybersecurity is a myth. So far, the only way to make our data safer is to combine technology, human expertise, and general awareness.

iTHINK | Will you remember this if I tell you a story?

With new media and technologies that enhance the way we communicate, it's going to be a challenge that will require as much creativity as psychological insight into how we consume little stories we can remember.

iTHINK | The dangerous mix of fake news and ignorance

Despite the availability of knowledge over the Web, we still fall for fake news. We succumb easily to emotions, to facts that are "plausible", to ideas that "seem to make sense".

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