Friday, May 24, 2024
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Pierre Tito Galla


GALLA | 3rd telco initiative: A broken promise in the making?

The recent statement of Finance chief Carlos Dominguez that the bidding of the third telco player should not be rushed caught a lot people off-guard.

GALLA | The implications of ‘Faceblock’

What are the implications of "Faceblock" for the Philippines?

GALLA | TNVS and reasonable regulation — because legacy thinking fails with disruptive tech

New technologies have changed the way we view and use public transport; however, there has not been much change in public transport fundamentals.

GALLA | Gov’t Enterprise Architecture: How PH can achieve true eGov’t

Government Enterprise Architecture is the foundation for all of successful eGov initiatives elsewhere, and the Philippines should take a deep dive into its concepts.

GALLA | FoI and ICT policy reforms agenda

ICT advocates have long struggled to acquire relevant data and information that will help in the crafting of ICT policy reforms.

GALLA | Mobile Number Portability: What it means for PH

It's a bill intended to spur competition at the consumer level.

GALLA | Spectrum management reform — we need it now

The issue of spectrum is worth a close look, because it affects the telecommunications sector on a fundamental level.

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