Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Is that a blemish on Apple’s shiny peel?

The iPhone 5 is a good successor to the iPhone 4S. But that?s all about it. It being a good successor is actually its problem.

Transformation through smarter computing

In the Age of Big Data there are few things more important than quick, easy, and flexible access to data and data services such as cloud and analytics.

Post-PC = pre-PC?

So what, we're in the post-PC era ? or at least at its threshold ? and I could use my Android phone for much of what I'd do on my PC, right?

Effective human capital management in a ‘new economy’ workforce

Companies will need to implement effective human capital management solutions that can provide value to every person in the organization regardless of their generation.

Suarez | Recalling IBM’s 75 years in PH

As in the rest of the world, IBM dominated the country?s market for computers beginning in the early 1950s. But by the early 1990s, the company also known as Big Blue, was fighting for its survival.

The family’s role in the Internet age

In this Internet age, our fundamental wiring within the smallest unit of our society will define our capability of defending ourselves against the devils of our respective belief systems.

Interpellation notes on the anti-cybercrime bill

National regulation is futile since cybercrimes operate globally and virtually. The main concern should be the protection of Internet users.

You can brawl, but don’t miss the point

Christopher Lao must have been right all along. If only the passengers were ?informed? that their bags have been offloaded, none of this would have happened. No brawl would have ensued.

BLOG | Journey to the cloud — An evolutionary perspective

Public clouds will continue to mature and eventually create a potent mix of private and public clouds.

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