Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Data Privacy

INCOGNITO | More data collection without data protection

‘Although we now have a data protection law, experience tells us that people often need to be shown how a policy directly applies to their situation.’

NPC clears FaceApp, says app improved its privacy policy

Upon assessment, the NPC said it found significant differences between the 2019 and 2020 versions of FaceApp's privacy policies.

NPC updates privacy guidelines on returning-to-work, WFH setups

The National Privacy Commission issued on Friday, June 5, an updated guideline as a response to the concerns raised by stakeholders on returning-to-work and current work-from-home arrangements.

NPC chief to lead UK-based global privacy group’s Covid-19 taskforce

Europe-headquartered Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) has announced that NPC chair Raymund Liboro will lead a Covid-19 Taskforce that will drive practical responses to privacy issues emerging from the pandemic.

DOH, NPC affirm privacy protection of Covid-19 related data

Even as it asked Covid-19 patients to truthfully disclose their health status to protect medical frontliners, the DOH assured that their data will only be divulged to public health authorities and health care providers for purposes of contact tracing and management of the disease.

NPC probing privacy violation complaints from Covid-19 patients

The NPC said the breach notifications involved the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive personal information of suspect, probable, and confirmed Covid-19 patients.

Privacy group backs NPC stand on data confidentiality of Covid-19 patients

The National Association of Data Protection Officers of the Philippines (NADPOP) said it should be the sole discretion of a Covid-19 patient whether or not to disclose his or her health information.

NPC rejects call for patients to waive privacy rights on health status

The National Privacy Commission stressed that even in times of calamity or a state of a public health emergency, privacy rights “remain in effect and upholding them equate to protecting lives.”

PATDU | Privacy should not be an obstacle to telemedicine

Today, as we are in community quarantine and as we practice social distancing, telemedicine may be the answer to the need of patients seeking consult but unable to travel or unwilling to take the risk of additional exposure to the novel coronavirus.

NPC on Covid-19 outbreak: Gov’t must balance data privacy with public interest

The NPC said revealing the identities of Covid-19 patients to the public or providing information that could accurately identify people who are under investigation or have contracted the disease is counter-productive and could do more harm than good.

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