NPC chief to lead UK-based global privacy group’s Covid-19 taskforce

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United Kingdom-headquartered Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) has announced that it has created a Covid-19 Taskforce to drive practical responses to privacy issues emerging from the pandemic, as well to assist its membership with insight and best practices.

NPC chair Raymund Liboro

Raymund Liboro, chair of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) and a member of the GPA’s Executive Committee, will chair the Covid-19 Taskforce.

“We have seen that personal data and technology have become essential in helping governments respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. From contact tracing and location tracking applications, to Covid-19 testing as people start going back to the workplace, data protection and privacy have never been more important,” Liboro said in a statement posted on the GPA website.

“Our aim for this taskforce is to examine current privacy concerns, while finding the right balance between supporting innovation to combat the pandemic and ensuring people’s personal data and information rights are respected. We will draw on the expertise of our membership and stakeholders to provide useful insight on common challenges.”

The GPA Covid-19 Taskforce, representing more than 30 organizations across all global regions, first met on May 26 2020, coinciding with Privacy Awareness Week in the Asia-Pacific region. 

During its first meeting, the taskforce discussed the strategic and pressing privacy issues that will require in-depth examination over the next few months. Members agreed on an initial workplan, with a view to communicate regularly on progress and information on initiatives to the GPA membership community and wider audience. 

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