Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Carlos Nazareno


Ransomware data may drop in hours as PhilHealth rejects ransom demand

According to the countdown timer on the Medusa blog on the dark Web, the files they supposedly exfiltrated from PhilHealth's systems will be released on October 3 Philippine time if the $300,000-ransom is not paid in cryptocurrency.

DICT’s ‘Project: SIM Check Mo’ puts subscribers at risk of number scraping, other attacks

While the project aims to protect citizens by identifying the owners of SIM cards spreading scams, it does the opposite to Filipino mobile subscribers: exposing them to further risks such as number scraping attacks.

DOH Twitter account still promoting crypto after claims of ‘full control’

Despite claims of having full control over its official Twitter account, the Department of Health (DOH) still has a tweet up promoting the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

CNN Philippines website taken down by DDOS attack during presidential debate

The website was successfully taken down by attackers despite Cloudflare DDoS protection being on.

PLDT, Smart said to be blocking’s URL shortener

Earlier this week, subscribers of PLDT and Smart found out that their ISP was blocking, the URL shortener of the petition site, without warning.

Twitter account of Philippine Statistics Authority compromised

The original name and profile picture of the account were eventually restored, but with the scam and spam messages still present.

OFWs, rural folks ‘especially’ vulnerable to Facebook data leak 2021 re-release

A security researcher who analyzed the leaked files found that a Philippine data set contained over 899,000 entries, larger than the popularly reported figure of 879,699.

Instagram account of PCOO hacked, posts deleted

The official Instagram account of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) with the handle @pcoogov has been hacked, with the previous 155 posts deleted and replaced with two camel-themed videos which were timestamped Tuesday, January 7.

Report claims PH now top global source of online fraud and abuse

According to Arkose Labs, the Philippines is the single biggest originator of attacks across both automated and malicious human traffic with US a distant second.

PH 2nd most affected country by Cambridge Analytica data mining scandal

In a recent update on their plans to restrict data access to their platform, social media giant Facebook revealed a graph that categorized by country the people whose Facebook information may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica, the political consulting firm at the center of a data privacy and electoral manipulation crisis.

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