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Agri-food market driving industrial blockchain success story

Blockchain is in a slump, with almost half its 2018 market value wiped out in 2020. But the silver lining in that downfall has been the resiliency of industrial applications, not least in the agri-food market, which has dominated blockchain success stories.

Study: 88% of PH businesses say innovation a ‘must’

The figure is more than average for all organizations in the region (74%) but still less than Asia Pacific culture of innovation leaders, where almost all (98%) agree that innovation is a necessity to staying resilient during a crisis.

IBM Research results Covid 19

Study: Pandemic boosted pace of digital transformations in businesses

Foster believes that an increase in focus regarding the infrastructure within an organization today, is a must. In fact, the data sourced from IBM’s study entitled “COVID-19 and the Future of Business” revealed that six out of ten global C-suite executives accelerated the pace of digital transformations in their respective organizations.

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