Monday, May 27, 2024
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Report: 20% of global mobile users subscribed to 5G in 2023

The study from Ericsson also said 5G subscriptions will reach around 550 million in Southeast Asia and Oceania by the end of 2029.

Smart unveils new Unli 5G offer with Non-Stop Data

The Unli 5G offering will enable subscribers to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of Non-Stop Data when they move to a site without 5G.

Globe pilots customized Nokia antenna in South Cotabato

The IPAA+ antenna was produced by Nokia for Globe as a sustainable, low footprint, and high capacity 4G/5G antenna to support smooth site upgrades across the country.

REVIEW | Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in 2023

Though not the latest model, it's hard to fault the perfectly competent and well-rounded Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. It's no surprise that many reviewers picked this device as the phone of the year.

UNBOXING | Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G in 2023

Stay tuned for the full review of using the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G in 2023.

AMD to unveil 5G products at Mobile World Congress

Chipmaker AMD announced it will be expanding support of its growing 5G partner ecosystem spanning from core to radio access networks (RAN) applications, delivering additional new test capabilities and unveiling new 5G products at the Mobile Word Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

Globe claims 73% jump in 5G network coverage in Q1 of 2022

Globe Telecom claims a 73% increase in traffic on its 5G network in the first six months of 2022, mostly from Metro Manila subscribers.

DITO hits 12-M subscribers ahead of schedule

DITO Telecommunity announced that it had hit its target of 12 million subscribers months ahead of its end-2022 deadline.

IDC: Asia-Pacific 5G enterprise services to reach $8 billion in 2026

IDC said 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) will act both as a stopgap in some markets such as the Philippines but also as an alternative to fiber broadband access where it is not available to specific buildings and neighborhoods, suburban zones, and remotely located residences.

PH posts highest uplift in ‘video experience’ from 4G to 5G: report

The latest report from mobile metrics firm Opensignal has revealed that the Philippines ranked first worldwide for “video experience” uplift, thanks to a 79% increase in mobile video streaming experience with 5G compared with 4G.
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