Sunday, March 3, 2024
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CICC concurs with DICT finding of no Comelec hacking

During a congressional hearing on Friday, Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez asked how the Manila Bulletin was able to "verify" the hacking of its servers but the publication was not able to address the query.

Debunked hacking claim meant to cast doubt on Comelec, polls: solon

In a statement, BHW party-list representative Angelica Natasha Co said the debunked Comelec hacking claim “is an attempt to cast seeds of doubt in the minds of the public on an IT matter that is beyond their understanding.”

Comelec cited for quickly debunking MB claim of hacking

Agusan del Norte representative Lawrence Fortun said in a statement that the Manila Bulletin report was apparently erroneous as “[i]t appears now the alleged hacked files do not exist.”

Jose Melo, ex-Comelec chief who oversaw first PH computerized poll, dies

Jose Armando R. Melo, the former chairman of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) who presided over the first computerized elections in the country, has died at the age of 88.

Senate bill calls for Comelec to conduct electronic voter registration

Sen. Joel Villanueva has filed Senate Bill No. 1516 allowing the Comelec to allow the registration of voters through the development of an automated online system.

Citing technical glitches in poll, solons call for return to manual process

The minority bloc in the House of Representatives said the automated election system was clearly flawed and a big disappointment.

Comelec vows to explain 7-hour ‘bottleneck’ in transparency server

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) of the election system received a deluge of data causing a glitch that resulted in the delay during the pick-up of results.

Precinct Finder website now live to aid voters: DICT

The DICT said the link prior to the official announcement was only a test website, which was why there were some inconsistencies on the voter?s status.

Candidates told to register social media pages, websites before campaigning online

The Comelec said online campaign posts are subjected to monitoring and regulation.

Comelec: Source code for May 2019 polls in ‘very safe place’

A top Comelec officials said that one has to break through several layers of security to get to the vault deep within the BSP's office in Manila, where the code was delivered for safekeeping on Friday.
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