Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Converge Time of the Day

Wilcon signs ‘Direct Internet Access’ deal with Converge ICT

Construction supplies and home improvement retailer Wilcon Depot has partnered with Converge ICT Solutions with their enterprise-grade product, Direct Internet Access (DIA), which allows Wilcon to have a dedicated and secured Internet service.

Converge ICT intros ‘Time Of Day’ fiber offering for homes

Aptly called Converge FiberX Time of Day, the new connectivity product allows residential subscribers to have the right Internet speed that will fit their daily or nightly needs at an affordable rate.

Converge ICT unveils 4 enterprise solutions for PH firms

One of the new offerings is Converge Time of Day, which is suited for businesses that operate mainly during a certain period of the day. It allows subscribers to double their subscribed bandwidth based on their chosen preset period.
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