Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Blockchain firm offers guide to safer peer-to-peer trading

Binance said when using any P2P platform, users should not only pay attention to the offer, but also learn to assess the reliability of one’s potential counterparty.

Kaspersky reports dip in crypto-related phishing in SE Asia

Kaspersky said the vibe check in Southeast Asia (SEA) shows there’s more optimism than skepticism towards this technology.

Kaspersky discovers cryptocurrency-stealing browser extension

The recent campaign is linked to the Satacom downloader, a notorious malware family active since 2019 and mainly delivered via malvertising placed on third-party websites.

Binance marks first-ever Bitcoin transaction on ‘Pizza Day’

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is celebrating the 13th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day, the historic day in 2010 when a purchase of two pizzas was made in return for 10,000 BTC.

Binance Academy holds first leg of SE Asia university tour in PH

Across the region, Binance Academy has engaged in several educational initiatives to deliver and enhance crypto and Web3 education opportunities.

Cryptocurrency phishing cases up 40% in 2022, says Kaspersky

Kaspersky said that the number of cryptocurrency-related phishing attacks prevented by its anti-phishing systems increased by 40% in 2022 compared to the previous year, with over 5 million attacks being stopped.

Pitaka integrates Transak, Unstoppable Domains for crypto buyers

Transak and Unstoppable Domains will seamlessly integrate within the Pitaka, the digital wallet developed by Filipino-led web3 firm Tetrix, providing customers with a simple and convenient way to buy crypto.

SEC revokes registration of online firm selling digital currency

Astrazion Foundation and Astrazion Global operated an online multi-level marketing platform where it actively promoted the sale of its digital currency called AZNT Token for 10 cents per token.

SEC warns public against investing in cryptocurrency ‘Lodi Coins’

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has advised the public against investing in Lodi Coins, a supposed virtual currency offered on social media without the necessary licenses from regulators.

Maya gives away P1M in Bitcoins to encourage app usage

In an effort to boost public interest and use of its platform, mobile money app Maya is giving regular users a chance to win...
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